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There is no doubt that everyone expected to see the ‘budget iPhone’, the iPhone 5C is not comprising on specs which is a good thing to know and the best thing that the users can get it that the company did not bar the lack of a metal chassis it matches the excellent iPhone 5 every step of the way with the added bonus of iOS 8.

Also, support for a wide range of 4G bands will be like cherry on the cupcakes to the consumers in various countries around the world including the UK where the iPhone 5 was only support by one network. Superfast network speeds go hand in hand with web browsing and the iPhone 5C makes mincemeat of most desktop websites, even over Wi-Fi and 3G. The all new series of iPhones is lodged with the latest version of iOS which is a massive boon for the iPhone range in general. It’s reassuring that the iPhone 5C feels like it is capable of taking a few knocks, because the slick, uni-body plastic finish offers very little in the way of grip The operating system was in dire need of a reboot and iOS 7 has managed to do that with aplomb, bringing a couple of handy new features such as Control Centre to the relative simplicity and solid, fluid interface Apple has offered since its inception. iOS 8 has refined the experience further and fixed some of the major iOS 7 gripes.


To summarize, it will be fair enough to say that the new iPhone 5C is a great phone. Now that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have arrived prompting a price drop for the iPhone 5S, there’s little reason to look at the iPhone 5C. The new £319 price tag makes it about as close as Apple will get to a budget offering, but 8GB is not enough storage. If you’re coming from a similarly priced Android handset you’ll probably think the iPhone 5C feels a little on the small size, with its 4-inch display more at home at the budget end of the rival OS’s line up.

Pricing has always been less of an issue for Apple products as people are prepared to pay a premium for what are generally excellent devices, thoughtfully put together and cleverly engineered. The iPhone 5C is 4G enabled of course, but more supports even more bands meaning it’ll work even more networks around the world. The iPhone 5C is still all these things, but Apple hasn’t pushed the boundaries and thus there’s no real incentive for consumers to make the leap – unless they are dead set on owning an iPhone but really can’t stretch that extra bit to the iPhone 5S. It’s not that Apple has done its best to make the iPhone 5C appealing, but as last year’s phone re-packaged it is hard to recommend it totally – although the large range of colors and combination with iOS 8.1 helps enormously.

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