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It’s not okay to make a cheap-looking phone anymore.
Now that Apple is finally creating massive phones, and even the most affordable Android phones feel nice, we all expect additional from Samsung — and justifiedly so. A flagship phone needs to be nice or it’s about to get laughed out of the room. If the Galaxy S6 was another plasticky, boring phone like last year’s Galaxy S5 or if it just introduced a number of hardware tricks, it might have gotten laughed out of the whole neighborhood.

There is a version of the phone with a hardware trick, the Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved display. However that’s a distraction; the real story is that Samsung required to find out that hardware prowess and software options are tools use to build something nice, not ends in themselves. Most Galaxy phones are uninspired compilations of spec lists. For the S6, Samsung to needed to find inspiration, and it did: in Apple.

The Galaxy S6 is what happens when Samsung doesn’t try to copy Apple’s phones, but instead finally tries to copy Apple’s product philosophy.

The first thing to understand about the S6 is that it doesn’t feel very like different Samsung phones. Rather than a plastic or faux-leather back, it’s glass on the front and also the back with metal round the rim. We’ve seen different phones do that, but none have done it so well. The Galaxy S6 looks great and feels even better.

The edges are subtly textured from flat to sickle to curved in all the right spots. The seams between the glass and also the metal are nigh-microscopic, and also the whole thing just feels fantastic. It weighs simply a hair more than an iPhone 6, and it’s slightly bigger as well. However I truly notice it easier to hold and to reach the far corners because the glass is less likely to slip than the iPhone’s metal finish. It glides into a pocket and stays in my hand.

If you wished to go hunting for problems, you may notice them. Perhaps the Gorilla Glass 4 won’t hold up to drops or might be at risk of scratching. The camera bump on the rear is an excessively massive wart. That’s about it, from a straight physical style perspective. And in each cases, I’m merely not worried about it.Galaxy S6


This comparison is that the makings of an epic argument between partisans of both companies. However I actually don’t care if Samsung traced any particular iPhone design element or not. What I care regarding is that it extremely will appear to be Samsung finally got around to copying the foremost necessary thing: a totally planned, well-executed design

It’s truly outstanding to see a Samsung device where design appears like it had been a thought from the beginning, not something applied only after the component list was compiled. Go ahead and have your battles about which is better, who copied who, and even whether it’s worth losing that traditional Samsung removable battery. While you’re doing that, I’ll be over here enjoying this elegant and refined device.

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