3 Mom-Daughter Activities to do this Mother’s Day

Beauty Day

What is cooler than going to the salon with your mom and both getting pretty? Having a day just for the two of you to get beauty treatments is an amazing experience. There are many treatments you can share with your mom: a manicure and pedicure with a drinks while talking about life, getting a new look where she helps you decide your new hair color, or deep tissue full body massages. You can make a schedule at the saloon for a couple appointment and really enjoy a mother-daughter experience.

Another option of the same idea is having a beauty day at home. You can have some homemade facial masks, do each other’s mani & pedi, or even some natural hair treatments. That will give you more intimacy; you can even watch a movie while your nails dry. By doing it at home, you can have an entire day just the two of you enjoying each other… a cool experience to do with your mom.


One of the most enjoyable activities for all girls is shopping. We can release our stress buying a beautiful pair of shoes, or be the happiest person in the world getting an amazing deal on the clothes you saw in the window last week… everything can happen when you go to the mall. Schedule with her the best day for you. To make it easy, you can make a list of stores you both want to visit. And, if some of the stores are not in you closest mall you can buy online. Check out Coldwater Creek, they have the best deals for your next purchase. Have fun shopping with your favorite person.

Meditation Class

If you are looking for more of a relaxing connection with your mom, you can take a meditation class together. Meditation will help you to relax both mind and body, giving you a peaceful mood. If it’s your first time doing meditation, talk with the instructor before the class, they will give you tips about the class and help you to concentrate if you need it. Get some comfortable clothes and don’t forget to take water with you.

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