4 Helpful UX Research Interview Questions to Ask Participants

There are several methods of obtaining data from real or potential users of your app or website, but UX research interview questions is one of the best at obtaining a comprehensive picture of how your company can improve user experience. Many UX researchers understand how helpful interviews can be, but they often get stuck when trying to decide which questions to ask participants.

Too many questions can result in poor results with interviewees, as they may tire of answering questions and give less in-depth responses. Too few questions with an interviewee may present a wasted opportunity to learn as much as possible in an efficient manner. When designing your next UX interview, consider asking the following questions:

1. What Is Your First Impression of this Product?

Many users will delete an app or leave a website within a few seconds if it does not look attractive or user-friendly. Asking this question can help you understand what kind of first impressions your design may make on regular people who don’t have a background in UX design.

First impressions are important in real life, sure, but they’re arguably more important online. A poor first impression by an app or website can ensure that a person leaves quickly and never looks back. This makes it difficult for you to sell your products or services efficiently.

2. When or Where Do You Think Someone Would Use this Product?

UX designers and researchers may have an idea about how they themselves would use a certain product, but that may not translate to how the public would actually use it. Asking potential users this question can help you understand where a person could see this product providing benefits, which can help you understand where your expectations may have been correct or wrong.

3. Do You Trust This Product?

Trust is one of the most important aspects of UX design and ultimately sales. People won’t spend time using an app or purchasing from an online store that doesn’t feel trustworthy, so this question may be one of the most important ones you can ask in an interview.

From here, you can follow up and ask why the person answered yes or no. Don’t be afraid to dig a bit deeper about how the user determines whether something is trustworthy or not.

4. Did Anything Surprise You or Frustrate You?

One of the main purposes of UX is to make the user experience toward purchases as easy as possible. Any friction in the purchasing process can result in large volumes of lost sales. Asking about what was surprising or frustrating can help you narrow down what didn’t go as expected in the user’s mind and how you can make the user experience less frustrating or unpleasantly surprising.

These four questions can provide helpful insight for UX Research Interview Questions researchers that want to improve their current product or build a new one from scratch. When designing a UX interview, it helps to be intentional and only ask questions that will genuinely help UX designers improve upon their products.

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