4 Tips for Establishing Good Relationships With Your Suppliers

No matter what industry you are in, you likely have suppliers that keep your production moving. Whether you work in healthcare and need personal protective equipment or work in manufacturing and need thin silicon wafers, it is important that you establish good relationships with all of your suppliers. When you are trying to maintain a good working relationship, consider these four tips.

1. Be a Loyal Customer

When you are loyal to a certain supplier, they may be more likely to offer you certain loyalty discounts. When you have an established contact at a place, you will be able to reach them and get reliable support. This can relieve a lot of stress when you have problems with a product or piece of equipment.

2. Be Kind at all Times

There will likely be times that you need help from your supplier, and it is wise to always be kind to them. You never know when you will accidentally miss a payment and still need your materials quickly. If your supplier makes an honest mistake, be sure that you are not too hard on them. If they consistently provide good service and slip up once, there is no need to be rude. Instead, establish a relationship of mutual respect and gratitude.

3. Make Your Orders in Plenty of Time

Rush orders can cause stress for everyone involved. You need to stay organized in your business so that you make orders in plenty of time to have them arrive. If you are constantly calling your supplier for a rush order, they may get frustrated. They may not be able to meet your requests in your rushed timeline, and it will make everyone feel distressed. Instead, try to keep your orders regular and well managed.

4. Refer Colleagues to Your Suppliers

One of the best ways to support your supplier is to recommend them to other people. If you are impressed by the level of service at your paper distributor, consider recommending them to anyone else you know needs one. Be sure that you tell your supplier that you recommended them, and let them know that you appreciate their service to your business entity.

There are so many important parts of keeping a business functional, but without supplies, nothing can get done. Having a good relationship with all your suppliers is essential to creating a good work environment, so consider these tips to make it happen.

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