An amazing 3D printing technology

3D printing technology

The technology called 3D printing have arrived to bring out your own ideas using technology to the whole world. By this 3D printing technology, people can save money and time by a single process which is more beneficial.

What is 3D printing technology ?

3D printing technology is a procedure of printing your own models in a 3 dimensional solid material by using the digital file software named CAD ( Computer aided design ).

This will be created by rapid prototying which creates complete model in a single process using 3D printing. This type of process is available from 2012 and it has very good benefits. Each and every 3D printers varies in their technologies to create any objects.

There are many types to create an object. Some of the techniques are Polyjet, LuxexceL Printoptical Technology, Nanofactory 3D printing, MJM, DLP, SLS, FDM and SL. SLS and FDM are the very common techniques which uses melting materials to create the layers. The other technology named SLA ( Stereolithography ) uses another technique for printing. This technique is done by laying the cured liquid materials.

SL ( Stereolithography)

Stereolithography is the technique used first when comparing to all other techniques. This technique will be done for creating the exact parts by using the photopolymer resins which reacts with the laser and cure to produce a solid in a perfect way. This technique is more complex yet the resins held in a tank or basin with movable surface into it.makerbot-3d-printing

MJM ( Multi Jet modelling ) :

Multi jet modelling is a well known technology that needs wax as a mandatory source. People melts wax to support material that forms, leaves the ending object. This type of printing comes accurately. Polishing can also be done to get full transparency.

Poly Jet :

Poly Jet technology is a multi coloured and multi material printing technique that uses Uv light to cure photopolymer. The two heads is to only support the model which will be formed by proyotyping. At last, all the printed objects washes away and later polishing will be done for getting smoothing and transparency. The advantage of using this technique is you can create a smoothed object as a end product and this technique works very faster, even to create very minute shapes.polyjet

SLS ( Selective laser sisterning ) :

Selective laser sisterning is one of the most innovative technique which creates an end product by using laser which selectively combines with multi layers of powdered waxes, ceramics, metals, nylons or any other ranged materials.

Nanofactory 3D printing technology :

This method creates the product that is fully based on nanotechnologies.

How 3D printing used in various fields ?

Architects forms mockups usually for their own designs. By using 3D printing they can came up with mockups in a short durable of time with more accuracy.
Artists uses 3D printing to produce their most difficult and costly objects easily and quickly.
In a medical field – for reference, the surgeons uses this printing machine to bioprinting ( print parts of the body) before starting any difficult surgeries.

By using this 3D printing, people can create more objects with a short interval of time. This digital technology saves more money, energy and time.

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