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We all love to watch anime, right? It is a myth that only kids and teens could like anime. No, that’s not true. What would our life be without Naruto, Dragon Ball, and all those good stuff? In fact, we adults still want to become a Super Saiyan one day. That’s the power and our love for the creation that is anime. Now the question is, where can you watch these anime for free online? When talking about free anime-watching sites, AnimeDao comes to our mind. It is one of the best sites for watching anime. But is it legal? Is it safe? Well, that’s why we have decided to write this article. Here, we hope to clear all the doubts you might have regarding the website.

The legality of AnimeDao

The first question that comes to our mind is about the legality of the website. Well, let’s be clear about one thing here. Any site posting copyrighted content without the permission of its owners is committing a crime. And, such sites have been subject to bans in a lot of countries. These sites often tend to modify the original contents and make them available to the viewers in HD. Furthermore, almost all such sites earn money from showing annoying pop-ups. Clicking on these pop-ups could make your device suffer a malware attack. So beware. Plus, many hackers tend to roam around on such websites, waiting for their next prey. As all of these websites are engaging in piracy, they are also putting their viewers at risk. So, we recommend you stay away from such sites.

As for AnimeDao, this site is no better. It is all the same as the websites we’ve just talked about. So, this website is illegal as well.

The use of VPN apps

As more websites are being declared illegal by governments around the world, VPN usage is seeing a massive boost. The use of VPN is rampant among those who want to avoid legal troubles while using banned sites. VPN works by concealing your device’s IP address and making you anonymous. So, you become safe from being tracked by anyone online. No one could ever track your device down, be it the government or the hackers.

Some VPNs also come with inbuilt security mechanisms to keep your device protected from malware attacks. Besides that, most VPNs stay unaffected by geo-blocking. Thus, they allow you to watch content that is, otherwise, restricted in your country. However, one should be careful while using a VPN. Some nations are very strict about the usage of VPN and consider it illegal. So, refer to the laws of your countries before using such a VPN service.

Features of AnimeDao

Here are some of the features that the website offers its users:

  • The site is known for offering tons of anime content in various languages.
  • The UI of the site is excellent. It is very simple and intuitive. So, even users lacking much tech knowledge can easily find their favorite anime shows here.
  • The site is also known for updating its library quite often.That ensures that you get all the latest anime content on the website.
  • It lets users bookmark their favorite anime content. Also, it offers notifications for the shows that are yet to release.
  • It is the only anime website that lets users set its theme to dark mode.
  • It allows the viewers to search for content in alphabetic order.

How can you watch your favorite anime content on AnimeDao?

For your info, the domain of the website keeps on changing. It is mainly because all the governments are after the website and keep shutting it down. But the site is hell-bent on catering to new users. So, first, you got to consider what domain the site is using currently. Then, you can proceed with the below steps. And, the best part is that you can access the content from any device. However, it must have a stable internet connection and a good browser.

  • First, open any of your favorite web browsers and search for the website.
  • After that, open the link to the website.
  • Next, connect your device to a VPN service that you trust. Once connected, search for your favorite anime shows and movies. Now you can stream the content of the site with no worries.
  • Pick the video you want to stream and click or tap on the ‘Play’ button.

The available content on the AnimeDao website

The website is famous for hosting a plethora of anime content from tons of categories. The list of the available content on the site is huge. Furthermore, the users are capable of accessing more than 2000 anime movies and shows. That too, with English subtitles. Here is a list of some of the genres available on the website:

  1. Adventure
  2. Action
  3. Comedy
  4. Drama
  5. Fantasy
  6. Sci-Fi
  7. Cartoon
  8. Sports
  9. Seinen
  10. Thriller
  11. Vampire
  12. Military
  13. Music
  14. Fantasy
  15. Romance
  16. Space
  17. Horror
  18. Historical
  19. Parody
  20. Harem

Remember that it is only the beginning. There are lots of other genres you can check out on the website as well. So, good luck with that.

Pros and cons of AnimeDao

Now, let us check out the pros and cons of using the website. First, we have the pros:

  • The site keeps its library refreshed. Because of these frequent updates, you get all the latest episodes of your favorite series or shows.
  • The content of the site comes equipped with big thumbnails and related info, including the release date.
  • You can also get the synopsis and reviews of the content you’re currently watching.
  • The website also incorporates an auto-play feature. It makes your streaming all the more fun.
  • The website UI is so simple that even the novice can use the site with little to no tech knowledge.

And, now the cons:

  • The site lacks in the security field. So, it might end up infecting your device with malware and damaging it.
  • As we said earlier, piracy is a serious crime. Hence, watching pirated content could make you face legal troubles.
  • Although the website claims to be free from ads, it does not fulfill its promise. So, you will get annoying ads, pop-ups, etc., whenever you visit it.

Alternative websites to AnimeDao

Here are some similar websites like AnimeDao. Check them out:


Nope. We are not talking about Animal Planet. Anime-Planet is a premium website for streaming anime for free. Here, you would be able to stream over 40000 legal anime scenes. The site is known for offering its users the facility to make their own watchlists. Hence, all your favorite ones will stay in one place and will never get lost. You can also sort your content by many aspects. These include watched, not watched, watching, and so on. Furthermore, it keeps a track of the scene you are currently on. So rest assured you will never feel confused.

You can also rate and review the anime and manga you have watched till now. Yes, manga. The website is home to lots of manga as well. This makes the site a paradise for everything related to the realm of anime. So, if you love to explore, Anime-Planet is a must-visit one for you.AnimeDao


JustDubs is another great site to watch anime. The site is known for containing a lot of the latest anime content. One can find every popular show like Dragon Ball, One Piece, etc. That too, in HD.

As of now, the site has over 700 anime scenes accessible to viewers. Plus, its user interface is very simple and easy to use. The thumbnails of the content are large. So, you can easily notice them. Plus, each line contains three thumbnails. FYI, these thumbnails are meant to show your ongoing shows. Overall, it’s a great alternative to AnimeDao.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is AnimeDao a safe site?

No. The site lacks security. Therefore, if you use it, your device may suffer from a malware attack.

Should I use VPN while using AnimeDao?

Using VPN hides your IP address so that none can track you. As you know, this website is banned in many countries. So, if your country happens to be one of them, it’s best to use a VPN to avoid legal troubles.

Is watching anime from free anime sites legal?

Watching any content for free without the owner’s permission is illegal. That applies to the anime content as well. So, no, it’s not legal unless the owner is okay with it.


As you can see, AnimeDao is a good website to watch your favorite anime for free. But the site has weak security and is banned in a lot of nations. So, it’s recommended you avoid the website for your own safety.

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