Apple Gives Tips to Prevent Probable ‘Masque Attack’

To the loyal customers, Apple products always meant like a device with ultimate security protections and the iOS turns down any type of Trojan attack. But this fans are now in a confused state when some security forums reported of a Trojan attack, called ‘Masque attack’. It is speculated that this Trojan is leaking user data like message, emails, account details and many important things to attackers in an unknown server.

How it attacks?
Several security tech experts have detected that the attackers are sending convenient mails to developers to download and install an app. This app is perfectly similar to the legit app, however this new app is infected with Trojan file. iOS is developed with in-built security and it warns every time a software asks permission to get into the directory. If a user allows that infected app to be installed in the iPhone or iPad, the Trojan is believed to be leaking private data to attackers.

Some other reports are saying that Masque attack is targeting iPhone and iPad users with iOS7.1.1, 7.1.2, 8.0, 8.1, and 8.1.1 beta versions. The attackers mainly eyeing for app developers who also have a Developer Enterprise Program account (DEP). A DEP is a unique program by Apple, where developers with an account builds app outside of Apple App Store and in this part, the company checks the app to clear the parameters.

How Apple is dealing with it?

It was very much expected from Apple to get their hands on to control the damage immediately. On Thursday, Apple has issued a security report in response to this potential hack, stating that Apple devices comes with internal security measures and until the user is permitting a Trojan to steal his/her personal data, the Apple gadget is perfectly safe from any hack.

The company have advised the users to download apps only from the app store and to pay attention to any warning that may trying to prevent a unauthorised access.

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