Apple’s New Product Strategy: A Paradigm Shift Pt. 1

Apple, as we all know, has always prided itself on making some of the best gadgets the consumer market has come to know. The Cupertino-based tech company would not grow to be a trillion-dollar company without such a high regard and demand for its products. There are people who are drawn to any product that has an Apple logo on it, but there are people who are skeptical of the company’s methods.

The truth is that most people don’t realize that Apple has made a lot of drastic changes over the years, which is ironic for a company that makes only incremental changes to their products yearly. Here’s how the new Apple compares to the old Apple:

A Phone for Different Price Points

There was once a time when Apple was known to manufacture exclusive high-end models every year that were generally expensive. This wasn’t the case in 2020. Apple released five different models that ranged from $399 to $1400. There is now an iPhone for everyone, whether it’s for the people who want the latest and greatest in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, or for those who want a budget-friendly iPhone in the iPhone SE 2020. Then there’s the iPhone 12, for those who have a budget somewhere in the middle. The old Apple wouldn’t have taken notice of its competitors, while the new Apple has an entry at every competitive price segment.


The notion that iPhones are the most expensive phone money can buy is no longer true. In fact, there are many smartphones on the market that are now more expensive than iPhones. The Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold are perfect examples of this. Moreover, while most of Apple’s competitors have added about $100 to the price of their latest models, Apple didn’t, even with the inclusion of 5G in their lineup. It’s also safe to say that nobody would have thought that Apple would win the best budget phone award in 2020, yet they did.

Aggressive Marketing

Apple used to avoid making comparisons with their competitors. There was no need to directly interact with them because Apple created the very first smartphone. This meant that Apple was leagues ahead of its competitors back then. However, that gap has slowly closed over the years. Android phones have come a long way. Recent iPhone models are now marketed aggressively, with headlines like: “The best camera on any smartphone.”

This shift to a more aggressive marketing strategy is also evident on social media. Years ago, you wouldn’t find much content on Apple’s social media accounts. The truth is that they didn’t really have to leverage the platforms to increase sales, as they were far ahead of their competition.

These days, Apple leverages every medium it can to promote its products. Services such as Famoid are a testament on how potent such an approach can be. Even established companies such as Apple recognize the need to leverage social media to generate interest in their brand.

There’s more to this than what you’ve read just now, but the point remains the same. With the smartphone industry becoming more competitive, Apple has finally begun to adjust its strategies. We’ve covered the new Apple’s product strategy in this article. Stay tuned to learn how this change extends to Apple’s new approach to its ecosystem.

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