Article Marketing: How to Supercharge Your Campaign

Always write with your readers in mind

Writing with the aim to promote your products and services will not do you any good. With so many new available internet marketing tools today, more and more people seem to forget or neglect their article marketing campaign. As a result, they’re not getting the exact results that they were hoping for in the beginning. If you’re one of them, let me give you tips on how you can revive or even supercharge your campaign to attract more traffic and improve your page ranking.

Ask for feedback

Post your articles on social media websites, and use the comment section to get some feedback from your readers. You can even use SocialWick to cast a wider net for more potential sources of feedback. Start by knowing what your potential clients think about the articles that you’ve already published online. Did they find them worthy of their time? Is the quality compelling enough that they would want to click through your resource box? Or do they think you can make use of improving every element of your article marketing campaign? Knowing your campaign’s weak points is the first step in creating plans of action as to how you can supercharge it.

Listen to your prospects

Develop excellent listening skills as this will play a crucial role in your success in this endeavor. Listen carefully when your prospects talk about their needs and demands. It’s the only way to make your articles targeted and extremely focused. Also, listen to industry experts when they’re giving out tips and advice. You would want to apply those techniques they’re using that are proven effective and powerful so you can easily follow in their footsteps.

Always write with your readers in mind

Writing with the aim to promote your products and services will not do you any good. Your readers will not pay attention to your articles if they sense that you’re trying to sell them anything. So, focus on addressing their info needs and demands first. Also, try your hardest to impress them. You would want these people to see you as an authority in your niche. When that happens, they will not only respond to your call to action, but they’ll also share your articles with other people.

Think but don’t prioritize SEO

Although optimizing your articles is important, it shouldn’t be your main focus when doing article marketing. Your top priority should be to make your readers happy. If you can do that, Google will surely notice you. Optimize your articles by using only white hat SEO techniques. These include the use of keywords and observing the right keyword density. Ensure that you do this without sacrificing the readability and quality of your content.

Use anchor texts

Instead of using absolute URLs on your resource box, I would recommend the use of anchor texts using the keywords that you’re targeting. Based on experience, these are far more effective, and they can help you improve your clickthrough rate by at least 25%. Of course, you need to ensure that your resource box is well-written and enticing. Giving out freebies will also help.

Combine quality and quantity

Article marketing is still a game of quality and numbers. The only way to create serious noise online is to write at least one high-quality article per day and distribute it to all available channels.

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