Article Marketing Must Haves – Marketing Ideas for Small Business

If you are looking for marketing ideas for a small business, then you need to understand the importance of using articles as an internet marketing tool. Search engines have evolved rapidly over the years, and now one of the most important factors to ranking sites involves keywords and content with these articles. By providing articles with quality content that are rich in specific keywords, you can increase traffic to your website.

You can easily distribute your articles on several websites, as well as social media platforms. Of course, using services such as SocialGreg gives the added benefits of driving more traffic towards your articles and giving you more effective marketing.

Article writing has become an important part of search engine optimization. Website owners use articles as a way of helping their ranking in search engines so that people come to their site more often than others. Articles now play such an important role with search engines that website owners even pay others to write articles for them. Prior to writing articles and posting them on your site, keep in mind that there is an art to writing and posting articles. You cannot increase your search engine ranking by simply cluttering your site with a bunch of articles. If you want this to be an effective internet marketing tool, you will need to keep the following ideas in mind.

Quality Article Content

If you plan on writing or posting articles to your website or blog, you must post quality content. The point of posting the article is to bring traffic to your site; however, if the content is low quality, you will not convert many people. First impressions are important in the world of marketing, and article writing is no different. Make sure that the articles that you post contain information pertinent to your site. After all, if you are selling pet supplies, posting an article about auto repair would be useless. You may get traffic, but not quality targeted traffic.

Targeted Keywords

When posting an article, make sure that it contains keywords or keyword phrases. Keywords are specific words that people are looking for which bring them to your site. For instance, if you want people coming to your site that are commonly searching Google for “discount pet supplies,” then you will want to include this keyword phrase in your article. A good way to determine what keywords to use is to go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool and type in the topic that you are writing about. You will find a wealth of keywords and keyword phrases to choose from.

Proper Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in an article compared to the overall number of words in an article. There is no set formula for keyword density; however, most will tell you to keep it around 5%. As a general guide, you should use the keyword often, but not so much that it takes away from the flow of the article.

Profile and Signature Links

The final thing to keep in mind to help with marketing ideas for small businesses, use article submission services in addition to posting on your website or blog. Most article submission sites will allow you to promote your profile and include a link to your website or blog on the signature line. In addition to creating a valuable backlink to your site (which is another SEO tool), you will be able to alert people where to find out more about you and your business. As article submission sites have been around for a while and have millions of subscribers, you will get your article seen quicker and hopefully generate the quality traffic that you are looking for.

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