Business Name Generator: Qualities of a Good Business Name

Even when using a business name generator, potential business owners get a long list of names to choose from. It also provides you with category and filter options. The filter options may include prefixes, multiple words, one word, and many more to help shorten the list. When going through the results from a free business name generator, like the one from Namify, a unique name will catch your eye. However, before making the final decision, you should ensure that it has the following qualities:


Every business name should be somehow related to the products and services it offers. It should not be too bland with a generic use of keywords. A good business name should make its customers feel connected to the organization.

If you are a business owner using a generic name, re-evaluating and making it more meaningful can significantly help increase sales and boost visibility. 

Distinct & Unique

Most fields where people are venturing into business are becoming very crowded. The competing brands are finding themselves sharing names making it more challenging to distinguish them. Using a business name already in use can also put you in a quarrel with the law.

It is considered a copyright and trademark violation that can cost you a lot. You can avoid the similarity by suggesting two keywords in your industry to Namify’s business name generator. It will provide you with a longer list of naming options while steering clear of copyright breach. You will also be able to see the domain and social handles availability. This has become increasingly important for building your brand awareness online.


Some of the biggest and most powerful businesses have short names. Examples include Sony, Nokia, Mercedes, Huawei, Apple, Twitter, and Coca-Cola. A short name is easier to remember than a phrase.

You can also have a two, three, or more worded name and ensure that the abbreviation is catchy and easy to pronounce. Examples of businesses with two or three-word business names but are mainly recognized from their abbreviations include Hewlett Packard (HP), James Bullough Lansing (JBL), and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).


Some business owners start their organizations intending to remain responsible for the product or service it is to offer. Such people can proudly use their names in the business. However, if none of your professional skills conform to the company, it is better to find a better phrase or word. Using names other than an individual’s name allows easy scalability and movement into other products or services.

Displays Creativity

Some business names are naturally dull. They may sound boring and unlikely to catch your target customer’s attention. For example, when you name a computer shop “ Best Tech Services,” it sounds less cool than another called “Computer Dock.” A business name should aim at sounding appealing and attractive to customers.

A business works almost the same way as a calling card. The creativity in it can convince a stranger to try out your product or service. When scrolling through the results from a business name generator, your choice should not only be distinct but contain some creativity.

Sticky or Memorable

When you use a name that is too difficult to spell and pronounce, you will lose potential customers. A name that sticks to peoples’ memory helps increase your searches and purchases. It is also easy to get free marketing from customers when referring you to their friends. When recommending a product or service experience to someone else, memorability of the brand name comes in handy to help the potential customer find you.

A brand name helps a business expand and reach more customers. It plays a significant role in marketing and creating a reputation. When using Namify’s business name generator to find a brand name, it is essential to ensure that your choice fulfills the qualities stated above. The business owner should also see that the company delivers a memorable and satisfying experience to maintain credibility and increase popularity.

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