Facts About the Character Limit in Twitter You Should Know

Twitter’s character limit for tweets is 280 characters, but some little-known facts about how to use the platform more efficiently can help you get your message across. In this article, we’ll explore the character limit in Twitter, what counts in that limit, and other features you should know about to make the most of the platform.

Identifying the Character Limit in Twitter

As mentioned earlier, Twitter has a 280-character limit for tweets. This includes text, images, and links, meaning the character count is roughly half what it used to be in the days of 140 characters. However, there are some additional features available that you can use to make your tweets creative and concise while still conveying your message effectively.Character Limit in Twitter

How URLs Impact Your Character Limit in Twitter

On Twitter, URLs count as 22 characters, regardless of the length of the link. So, for example, if your URL contains 50 characters, they’ll all still only count as 22. This makes it easier to share links without eating up too much of the character limit in Twitter, allowing you to get more concise messages across. Just keep in mind that any text added after the URL might get cut off in the preview if it exceeds 280 characters.

Exploring Other Length Limitations in Twitter

In addition to the character limit in Twitter, there are other limitations you need to consider before crafting a tweet. For instance, you can include up to 4 photos, 1 GIF, and 1 video in one tweet. This means you should plan your social media content accordingly to ensure your tweets stay within Twitter’s parameters.

Using the Shortened URLs Tool within Twitter’s Interface

Did you know that Twitter offers its own URL-shortening tool? It’s a huge convenience that eliminates the need to go through a third-party platform such as Bitly or TinyURL. You can even add UTM parameters right within the Twitter interface before you shorten and post your link. For marketers, this feature is especially helpful since it helps them track the performance of their tweets more accurately.

Understanding Image and Video Character Limits for Tweets in Twitter

Twitter also has limits when it comes to images and videos. For images, you can include up to 4 pictures in a single tweet, but each photo counts towards the character limit in Twitter. The same goes for videos; each video will count as 25 characters toward your post’s total length, so keep that in mind as you seek to stay within the 280 character limit in Twitter.


Understanding Twitter’s character limits is vital to your success on the platform. By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this composition, you will be able to write effective tweets that engage your followers and help you achieve your social media dreams.

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