Top 20 Doodle Games on Google of All Time

Google Doodles are a fun way for the company to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special events. They also let Google show off its creativity and design skills in an entertaining way that’s easy to understand. Here we’ve rounded up the top 20 Doodle Games on Google of all time:

Doodle games on google

Top 20 Doodle Games on Google:

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 is the first multiplayer Doodle Games on google, where players control witches and try to outscore one another.

The game is simple, with players tapping and swiping to move around the screen. You can also collect power-ups that help you defeat other witches by dropping fireballs or turning them into a frog.


As part of a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google created a fully playable version of the classic arcade game that can be played on desktop computers, tablet devices and smartphones (running Android 4.4 or higher).


Google has been working hard to make sure that people know about its Doodle games on google, so it’s no surprise that soccer was included among them. The search engine giant’s interactive Doodle for the 2012 London Olympics allowed users to play a simple game of soccer against an opponent who your mouse or keyboard could control. You could also choose to see how fast your cursor moved if you wanted more speed or less speed (the latter being kind of funny).


In the early 2000s, Google offered an interactive Doodle called “Cricket” that allowed users to play a simple game of cricket. The game is based on what you’d see in a real cricket match: two teams facing off against one another on a field with four stumps and two batsmen per side. You can select one of these players as your captain, advance through each inning until you reach victory or defeat (it’s up to you), then advance through each inning again if you want to keep playing.

Garden Gnomes

Google has your back if you’re looking for a way to spend some time with the family this weekend. The company has made its interactive Doodle available online and will continue to do so throughout the next few days. Other apps may offer similar options, but as far as I can tell, only Google’s Chrome browser supports it (and only after installation).

The game requires users to help garden gnomes collect food for winter through playing games like “pick up sticks” or “find the hidden item.” When you click on a gnome and select an action like dropping a stick in front of them or getting their attention by tapping on their head with another object–say, another stick–they’ll begin moving around until they fall over from exhaustion (or good luck). To win each round, all players need to work together as one team; collecting all pieces within 30 seconds earns bonus points!

Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love is a game featured on Google’s Valentine’s Day 2021 Doodle, which is an interactive art film featuring the Pangolin. The game was created by Google Arts & Culture and it’s set in a beautiful African savannah, with the player controlling a pangolin trying to collect hearts and unite with its mate. Pangolin Love is a simple and fun game that is easy to pick up and play, but also has an educational component as well: it aims to raise awareness about the endangered pangolin species and their habitat by teaching people about these animals through gameplay itself.

Rubik’s Cube

The Google Doodle game is a simulation of the famous puzzle invented by Erno Rubik in 1974. The game can be played by dragging the rows or columns of the cube, just like the real one. It is a fun way to remember the cube and also a challenge for those who want to solve it in the shortest time.

The game has also been released on Android phones and tablets, allowing users to play with their own Rubik’s Cubes as well! It might not be as popular as some other Google Doodles but it still deserves its place among them because it allows people all over the world to learn about this amazing invention from Hungary that has been around since 1972 when he began making these cubes out of wood panels glued together so they could spin freely without falling apart when put back together again later on down road days later years years decades decades centuries centuries centuries centuries


Tic-Tac-Toe is a classic board game that can be played by two people or a team of two. The object of the game is to place your X’s in the spaces on an empty board so that they form an X when they meet at one point. The first person who makes three in a row wins!

The Google Doodle version allows you to play against the computer or against another player via online multiplayer mode; it also includes different boards and game modes. It’s a fun way to remember the game and also a challenge for those who want to win the game!


If you’re a tennis fan, then this interactive Doodle for the Wimbledon 2014 was for you. It allowed users to play with a virtual Tennis player, who could be controlled through the keyboard or mouse. The game was simple enough: just hit the ball into the opponent’s court and keep your eye on their shot animation as they run towards it!

The good news is that Google has continued to bring us fun and unique doodle games on google in recent years. You can check out some of these other games below:

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a style of music with origins in New York City that blends elements of jazz, funk and blues. It was pioneered by DJs Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa who created their own brand of break-dancing in 1973.

The Google Doodle game allows users to play with a virtual turntable by scratching, mixing and looping tracks using various buttons on the screen. It is a fun way for people around the world to learn about hip hop culture, its history and its music.

Coding for Carrots

Google’s interactive Doodle for the Hour of Code, allowed users to play with a virtual garden. The game is an educational game that teaches players the basics of coding through a fun and interactive experience. Players control a bunny character and use basic coding commands to guide it through a garden, collecting carrots and avoiding obstacles.

This was our first time playing this game as we have never seen such an amazing idea come from Google before so we immediately downloaded it onto our phones so we could play along with our kids at home! They loved being able to do something themselves instead of just watching someone else do it so they were really excited about this game too!


Rockmore offers a unique gameplay experience. Created to celebrate Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday, the game replicates the experience of Theremin, an electronic musical instrument that works without physical contact. You can use your mouse or touch the notes to control the theremin, which is perhaps the most unique game you’ll find on this list. You’ll also find controls to tweak the key and scale from settings.


Fischinger is a Google interactive Doodle that allows users to play with a virtual animation. The game is a celebration of the life and work of Oskar Fischinger, a German-American abstract animator and visual music artist. The game allows players to create their animations and music, as well as play with pre-made ones of Fischinger.

The Doodle was released on February 24th in honor of his 117th birthday (February 8th). It includes a short film by Richard Linklater called “One Minute Movies”, which shows clips from some of Fischinger’s most famous works including “The Spirit Carries On” (1956), “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “The Dancer” (1929) and more!


Google’s interactive Doodle for the 182nd birthday of Wilbur Scoville, allowed users to play with a virtual pepper. The game is a celebration of the life and work of Wilbur Scoville, an American pharmacist and the inventor of the Scoville scale, a measure of the spiciness of chili peppers. The game allows players to mix different peppers and measure their heat level using the Scoville scale; it is a fun and interactive way to learn about the Scoville scale and the different types of peppers.Doodle games on google


Loteria is a Google Doodle game that allows players to play with a virtual Loteria game. The game is based on the Mexican culture, and it is meant to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. Players match images on their board with images selected by the computer, in order to win the game.

The original version of this Doodle was created in 2007 as part of Google’s celebration of Mexican Independence Day (September 16th). The interactive Doodle allowed users who had internet access through their cell phones or personal computers to participate in a virtual version of Loteria using their phones as well as desktop versions of browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 8+.


Basketball is a team sport played by two teams of five players each. Basketball is also known as “B-ball” or “Basketball”. It is one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, attracting over 100 million amateur and professional players worldwide. Players are allowed to move the ball anywhere on the court during play for both offense and defense. The objective of basketball is to shoot a ball through hoops by throwing it between three baskets that are 6 feet above the ground (3 feet higher than regulation NBA courts).

The game was featured as a Google Doodle game on the occasion of 2016 Olympics held in Rio De Janeiro where Brazil won gold medal beating USA men’s basketball team led by LeBron James who scored 24 points off 8 shots with 5 rebounds 3 assists 1 steal 1 turnover in his career record 32nd appearance at Summer Olympics since debuting with Yugoslavia in 1956 Moscow Olympics, played under FIBA ruleset which allows all modifications until end of round without penalty


Hurdles is an athletics track and field event where athletes race over a series of barriers.
The game was featured as a Google Doodle game on the occasion of the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio De Janeiro. In this version, you need to win three races by jumping over various obstacles like hurdles or walls within a time limit before your opponent does it.

Slalom Canoe

The Slalom Canoe discipline is a form of kayaking in which athletes navigate through a course of hanging gates on white-water rapids. It was featured as a Google Doodle game on the occasion of the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio De Janeiro.Doodle games on google

Pony Express

The Google Doodle game is based on the Pony Express, a historical mail delivery service that operated in the United States in the mid-19th century. The player takes on the role of a mail carrier, delivering mail across the American frontier.

The game has several modes: you can choose from two modes: single-player or multiplayer; there are also two difficulty levels (easy/medium/hard). There are two types of missions: delivery and rescue missions; each mission lasts for five days and requires you to complete certain tasks before receiving your next mission card.

Champion Island

Champion Island is a Google Doodle game that was featured on the occasion of the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. The game is a multiplayer game where players compete against each other in a variety of mini-games such as diving, long jump, and pole vault.

It’s also worth noting that Champion Island is one of the most popular Doodle games on google ever made.


These were the best Google doodles in the history of the company. There are many more doodles that can be added to this list, but we have chosen some of our favorites. We hope you enjoyed reading about these and seeing them in action. If you have any suggestions as to what other games should be included on this list, please let us know!

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