Eutelsatbroadband Proves Success of Its High-Speed Internet Service in the Utility Sector

Eutelsatbroadband, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, is proud to present its wide coverage of fast and reliable broadband services to different industries. The company also highlights its successful delivery of high-speed internet services in the Thames Water project.

Eutelsatbroadband has more than 30 years’ experience in satellite operations. The company owns one of the most advanced high throughput satellites in the world – the KA-SAT Satellite. The high throughput capability of the KA-SAT Satellite allows business to establish data services effectively in remote and low internet connectivity areas, yet ensuring security and quality. The high-speed bandwidth and reliability of the KA-SAT Satellite cover the entire Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, making it the most advanced multi-spot satellite in the world and the largest in Europe.

Eutelsatbroadband strives to provide cost-effective and competitive solutions to businesses in different market sectors, such as utilities, energy, banking, automotive and many more. It offers various products through the KA-SAT Satellite: Tooway Business, Newsspotter, VNO and Tooway. All these products are extensively adopted by enterprises, local communities and government agencies, making Eutelsatbroadband the best internet service provider. Among all, Tooway Business is the best fit for organizations that require high bandwidth volume and flexibility for different needs such as backup services and internet backhaul. Its packaged solutions provide businesses with more bandwidth options while guaranteeing quality and security.

The Thames Water project is one of the successful cases that adopts Tooway Business. Eutelsatbroadband partners with the project’s contractor, Wireless Innovation, to refit Thames Water’s event response vehicle. In this project, the KA-SAT satellite plays an important role in setting up a mobile emergency response center that enables stable and fast communications to cope with urgent situations. Jean-François Fenech, General Manager of Eutelsatbroadband, said: “Wireless Innovation’s choice of KA-SAT to help protect the UK’s water infrastructure is the strongest possible endorsement of the quality and capability of the satellite to meet the toughest communication challenges of industry across Europe.”

The KA-SAT satellite connects the vehicles with high-speed broadband, turning them into a Wi-Fi enabled communication center with facilities such as email, internet and VoIP calls. With the fast and reliable connectivity of the KA-SAT satellite, these connected cars act as a control center for Thames Water and the focal point for their customers during emergencies. The project employees are better equipped to deliver immediate responses and clear communications with the local community, operations control center and media. The KA-SAT satellite contributes to the Thames Water project by serving as a more reliable alternative to terrestrial connectivity.

The fast and easy access to Eutelsatbroadband’s satellite communication allows Thames Water to deliver excellent communications and customer service, which are critical to their business, especially during emergencies. “With this investment in the latest technology in our emergency vehicle, we are in the best position to deliver both”, said Clive Dickens, Senior Technical Engineer of Thames Water. The success Eutelsatbroadband gained in this project proves again its leading position in the satellite industry.

About Eutelsatbroadband

Eutelsatbroadband ( is a broadband unit of Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators. Eutelsatbroadband operates in the entire Europe and Mediterranean Basin, offering high-speed internet services to businesses and government agencies. Its KA-SAT Satellite is the most advanced multi-spot satellite in the world and the largest in Europe, with throughput capability beyond 90 Gbps.

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