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If you are one of these people who wish to turn their pictures into words or other textual formats, then you have landed in the right place. In this post, you will find out the details about the best image to text or image to word converter tools, but before you get to the details of the best tools, we would like you to go through the basics of this concept.

Optical character recognition, which we all know as OCR, is the modern technique used by image-to-text converter tools. In the early days, this software technique was very much inaccurate, but over time we have seen that it has improved and developed a lot. Today, tons of tools and applications can help you convert or extract all sorts of text from an image or a scanned file.

Image-to-text conversion can be very hectic if done manually and can also cost you a lot of money if you are hiring a person to do so. We need the online image-to-text converter online tools because they are free to use, and they can provide you accurate results in less than a few seconds.

Try Best image to text converter Tools in 2021

Here we have discussed some of the online images to word converter tools to extract/convert all sorts of images to text.

Free OCR

This is a considerably basic and free image-to-text converter tool that can offer you different functions for converting your images to editable text. The best thing about this online application cum tool is that it supports all major image formats, and the accuracy rate of this tool goes beyond 99%. The conversion rate is very much accurate, and this is just because it uses AI and an open-source engine that Google eventually released. You must upload the image/picture to the website, and from there, you can convert the image or the scanned files exactly in the same format as they are stated on the image.

Image to text converter by SmallSeoTools

SmallSEOTools is the home to hundreds of free and reliable online tools that provide solutions for all sorts of users. The free OCR Online converter is one of the best tools offered by SmallSeoTools as it uses AI and OCR to cater to the conversion process. The text results produced by it are accurate and comprehensive. You must use the uploading options to add the file into the tool, and after insertion, you must click on the ‘convert to text’ button. This image to text converter would get you raw text from the image, which you can copy in your clipboard, and you can also download it in word format. This image to text converter also provides you the option to check the converted text for grammatical mistakes.

MS One Note

This is another popular application that belongs to MS Office. One should know that this tool is used for simplifying the process of note keeping. The Ocr feature of this tool allows you to scan your handwritten text and hard copy of pictures for conversion. You can change the images not only to text but also to word format. You must note one thing that one note can only convert the images or notes to word with accuracy if the image is of good quality. The fuzzier the image would be, the less accurate the results would be.


As the tool’s name tells us, this is another great service that can be used to capture text from images. This is an open-source tool which means that you can use it anywhere you want without any hassle. As it is an online source, so you don’t have to install it on your device. This tool doesn’t have a fancy interface, so you might get bored with it after using it a few times. Otherwise, this image to text conversion tool is one of the best facilities that you would find on the web these days.

Adobe Scan (Android/iOS/Windows)

This is another application cum tool that can help you convert scanned pdf files or images to word or any other textual format. One should know that adobe scan is one out of dozens of tools offered by these services, and you can use it for free. All you need is to register yourself with Adobe and enter the pdf files or images in the input boxes. Adobe scan has many excellent features which would make you a fan of it for sure. Using this tool, you can save a lot of your time and money wasted on manual conversions.

As you can tell from this short traction, hundreds, if not thousands, of image-to-text converter tools in the market means that this is an important conversion and you have to try out the reliable and trusted tools mentioned earlier. For more details, stay tuned!

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