Facebook introduces ‘SayThanks’ prior to Thanksgiving time

When it is Facebook, users know something very unique can come in every minute. Over the course of its ten years, the biggest social media hub of all time offered its users many iconic moments, which connected a million lives and offered happy moments. Just couple of months ago Facebook offered users a look back, where the users were able to see their Facebook journey so far and people stated this to be very heart-touching. Yes! With those anniversary videos, Facebook tried to thank its loyal users and those videos are well composed both by graphically and with melodious audio. Now, just after Vendetta’s iconic 5th of November, Facebook released another program for the Thanksgiving time.

What is it?
The social media company has always been very innovative and yesterday launch a ‘Say thanks’ program to follow the trend. It is a simple video-card consisting of images with a specific friend to dedicate it to him or her for being a close acquaintance. It perfectly stitches up some favourite moments of the user and the friend in a string and with a well composed music, the video card is just perfect to say a thanks. All it needs that you choose one of your close friend, whom you want to thank.

How it works?

Facebook has made this easy to use ‘SayThanks’ program yesterday and already it hit a million shares. It just takes couple of seconds and bingo! The video is ready and it can be shared on that very page on the timeline. The user needs to select the friend from the list to create the video and after it finishes the job, there is share button to post it on the timeline. Facebook provides a preview of the video prior to posting and if the user is not satisfied with the pictures, he/she can replace selected files with other ones. The video card has two templates to select from.

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