There are times when we feel bored. Or, we are in a mood to do something fun. You may already know, Amazon’s Alexa can do tons of stuff with perfection. But did you know that you can make Alexa respond with a funny comeback if you play your cards right?

Yes, you heard it right. Alexa gives some of the funniest responses ever if the asker knows what they’re doing. We tried out doing so ourselves and got some hilarious responses. So, we decided to bring to you a list of funny things to ask Alexa. Read on.

Alexa overview

Alexa is one of Amazon’s best creations. It is a VA that works using voice commands. Alexa is capable of doing tons of stuff, including playing music, answering your queries, and so on. It is a great option to pick for keeping your life sorted, informed, and connected. Most importantly, Alexa also keeps you entertained. As it comes from Amazon, Alexa can be your personal shopping buddy as well. By utilizing the cloud facility, one can have access to Alexa via numerous smart speakers and supported devices.

Alexa is an amazing tool for empowering your smartphone. However, it doesn’t use any app or anything like that. Instead, it uses its diverse skill set. Like your smartphone, Alexa comes with some skills from the get-go. While some other skills need manual enabling. As of now, Alexa’s tally of skills is over 25000 with the frequent addition of more skills.

List of the Funny Things to ask Alexa

Now coming to the heart of the article, let’s see some funny things to ask Alexa right now:

Alexa, make the air horn sound

As the command gives it away already, the voice command will make Alexa open a virtual air horn. Blasting an air horn all of a sudden in your house can irritate everybody present there at the moment. Therefore, be a bit considerate. However, if having some fun is what you’re looking for, it can help.

Alexa, tell me some funny cat facts

Here is another great voice command for Alexa. Ask Alexa to tell you some funny cat facts. If you are a cat person, you would like some random yet interesting facts about your little furry friends. For example, cats’ collarbones have no link with the other bones in their bodies. This allows them to pass through tiny openings. Did you know that? We don’t think so. So why not ask your Alexa and leave everyone behind regarding cat knowledge.

Alexa, tell me a nugget haiku

This one right here has to be an ace in the list of funny things to ask Alexa. And, what’s better than a “trailblazing” poem like a haiku about chicken nuggets? As you may understand, nugget haikus are usually very funny. So, prepare yourself for a good laugh.

Alexa, tell me a crazy fact

Life is too short to learn everything. However, you can learn a new mind-blowing fact each day with Alexa. Or, you can learn multiple if you are hungry for some brain food. Do you know that honey is the only unspoilable food substance on the planet? No? Ask Alexa. She knows.

Alexa, start pizza toppings

Another among the fun things to ask Alexa is to tell her to start pizza toppings. Suppose you are feeling a bit puzzled about what toppings to put in your pizza tonight. You can utilize your VA Alexa for solving this quandary. Just tell her to start pizza toppings and Alexa will quickly list out 3 great toppings. Then, you can add them to your pizza if you please. If you are not satisfied with the suggestions, you can ask her again. And, see what she has to offer this time.

Alexa, provide me with some nerd jokes

This one can be a lifesaver if you happen to be the least funny one within your nerdy friends’ group. Just ask your VA to open some geek humor and Alexa will offer you some funny nerd jokes. Sleek.

Alexa, begin Jurassic Park trivia

If you are a Jurassic Park fan like most of us, you’d certainly find this one fun. Ask Alexa to start Jurassic Park trivia and sit back. Alexa will ask you numerous questions regarding the cult classic. It will aid you in sharpening your Jurassic Park knowledge from the comforts of your home. And, that too, in a fun way. Sounds convincing yet?

Alexa, would you go on a date with me?

Let’s face it. Sometimes you might get desperate after many failed attempts to get a date online. However, it won’t be wise to ask Alexa to go on a date with you. Alexa is a real heartbreaker regarding such advances and will dismiss you instantly. She will let you know that she likes you but as a friend. So, you can have Alexa as a buddy but nothing more than that. In short, don’t be so desperate that you end up asking a machine or device for a date. Please.

Alexa, will you do some beatboxing for me?

Alexa is not a beatbox kind of woman. She is much more proficient in rapping than beatboxing. That’s a fact. So, if you ask Alexa to beatbox, you’re inviting disaster. While Alexa’s raps sound quite decent, her beatboxing is horrible. And, even that’s an understatement. She lacks so much in the beatboxing department that it sounds like some YouTube poop video. But it can be a fun experiment if you are okay with some earache. Because you will surely get one after listening to her “marvelous” beatboxing.

Alexa, does everyone fart?

Among the funny things to ask Alexa is an age-old question. That is, does everyone fart? If we’re being frank, this question has often troubled us at one point. There were times when we couldn’t kick this question out of our minds. Now is your chance to quench your thirst for wisdom. Ask your Amazon Echo device whether everybody farts or not. And, Alexa can give you a confirmation about the answer being positive. Isn’t it normal?

Alexa, can you spell ICUP?

It’s a well-known fact that Alexa can come in handy if you don’t know how to spell certain words right. But if you ever attempt to make Alexa say something silly, you’d mostly fail. Alexa is too smart for tricks. For instance, try telling her to spell ICUP for you. Yes, it’s that I-C-U-P (I see you pee) – every elementary school goer’s favorite joke. Sadly, Alexa will never spell it out for you. She would simply refuse to answer your answer if you ever tried to play tricks on her. So, better luck next time.

Alexa, where can I find Chuck Norris

The internet is a crazy place. It becomes even crazier by the fact that it has made Chuck Norris a superhuman. Or, more precisely, a superhero. You can find many funny Chuck Norris comments on Facebook, YouTube, etc. All of these comments tend to highlight his “superhuman achievements.” It looks like Chuck Norris is Alexa’s buddy or something. Why? Because whenever you ask Alexa about the whereabouts of Mr. Norris, you’d get a warning of sorts. Alexa will make you realize that it’s a terrible idea to look for the man. It also makes sure that you know Chuck Norris will find you if feels like making his location known. Why are you scaring us all, dear Alexa?


What weird things can you ask Alexa?

There are so many weird things to ask Alexa. Ask her if she farts. Or, if she can cry like an infant. Or, what she wanted to become after growing up. All of these weird questions can provide you with some hilarious answers. You can also ask some other weird yet funny questions and have a good laugh.

Can you get Alexa to swear?

Alexa is known to be kid-friendly. She doesn’t usually say bad words. If you ask her to swear she won’t do so under normal circumstances. Nonetheless, there are ways to make her swear like making announcements that contain curses. Or, play Simon Says with Alexa. In short, tap into your creativity to unattainable attainable.

What cool things can Alexa do?

Alexa has tons of different skills. She is the epitome of coolness. Alexa can set your reminders. Find yummy recipes. Help you wake up in the morning using music alarms. Or, play music everywhere in your home. There’s so much potential.

Does Alexa have a creepy laugh?

Back in 2018, Alexa was letting out laughs arbitrarily with some users reporting it to be “evil” or “creepy.” Amazon clarified that it was a result of Alexa hearing the phrase “Alexa, phrase” by mistake. So, even when something else was said, Alexa interpreted it as a laughing command and began complying with it. Amazon has fixed the strange glitch later, though.


Now that you know about the funny things to ask Alexa, it’s time to test what you’ve learned. You can make your own funny commands to test out. Be creative and have a good laugh. All the best!

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