Guide to Converting VOB Videos with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter can help you to efficiently convert VOB videos into a format that is accepted on your mobile device. VOB videos can’t be played on the mobile device so you must first convert it into a mobile friendly format like MP4 in order to watch it on your mobile phone. Movavi Video Converter can be used to convert a video file individually or in batch. It is significantly faster compared to other video conversions software. It takes less than 1 minute to convert the video into your preferred format. The quality of the output video will not get distorted when you convert it with Movavi Video Converter.

Movavi VOB converter work as a conversion software for multimedia files like audio tracks, and video as well as images. It can also quickly convert all the video files on a DVD. This prevents you from having to extract the video files from the DVD in order to convert them into another video format. Before you click the Add a DVD button, make sure you have already inserted the DVD into the DVD ROM. Converting the video files on the DVD is the same fast as when you are converting files that exist on your computer hard drive.

Movavi Video Converter allows you to directly upload the converted video onto any website. This feature allows you to upload the video directly to the file sharing and video sharing sites without having to visit the site yourself. It is a very convenient feature because you don’t have to login into your account to upload it. You can configure it with the settings of your account on these sites so that the video files that have been converted will automatically be uploaded on your account.

It offers several video editing features. For example, you can cut a video into several clips or merge several clips to form a single video. You can crop a video to give a zoom in effect and rotate the video for 360 degrees. Captions can be added if you want to give the video a title. Subtitles can be added to help the audience understand the video content. Youc an also add watermarks to let people know that you own the video so that they won’t use your video for their own purpose.

The interface in Movavi Video Converter is designed to be user friendly. All the features are arranged neatly in an organized way so that just one look and you know what button to click to start the video conversion process. There is no need to read any manual although the video conversion software does not provide helpful information for users to get familiar with the different features.

Movavi Video Converter is easy to install on your computer. Once you downloaded the file, you just have to run the setup and the icon will appear on your desktop. You can click on the launcher icon on your desktop to launch it and start converting your video files.

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