Here is what the Critics are saying about Resident Evil Village

Horror games are quite difficult for any developer to pull off because we have been playing horror games and watching horror movies for a long time now. This has made us somewhat immune to the effects that true horror games should have on us and that is the reason why we don’t see many horror games that are actually horrific in the true sense of the world. However, it doesn’t mean that the developers aren’t trying and coming up with their own ways to make a game as horrific and spooky as they possibly can.

The one name that emerges amongst the modern horror games is Resident Evil. Although it’s not the first rodeo for the creators of Resident Evil. With a long and successful journey of the, Resident Evil Village is Capcom’s most recent entry in the Resident Evil Franchise and people are going crazy over the game, it is being named as the best Resident Evil game in the franchise. It is the perfect cocktail of horror and thrill. From terrific bosses to the variety of weapons, the game just has it all. If you’re looking to try out Resident Evil games yourself, can help you out where you can find best deals for your desired video games.
Like every other Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Village has the best of these fluctuations between slow horror creep and bombastic action, the trademark of the RE franchise. The game kicks off as Ethan Winters, the protagonist and his wife Mia, the couple was rescued by Chris in the end of Resident Evil 7 and since then has had a child called Rose, they gossip about imported wine as Chris and his team assaults Winters’ home shooting Mia dead and kidnapping Rose. This leads to events that land Ethan right into an isolated village in a snowstorm in the middle of Europe to rescue Rose. Resident Evil Village is being praised for all the tricks and treats it keeps throwing at the players during the gameplay, the game is gonna throw you off balance for one moment and save you just the other with that bell just as you are about to die.

The village has a prominent sadistic tone to it and the whole theme of it is a super creepy one, it’s a scrappy scattering of wood and brick houses, fields and of course, a church and above it the Gothic castle stands tall in the mist. The whole setting is pretty much soaked in mystery and menace. Capcom has seriously ramped up its villain-game with RE Village as you get to face an extraordinarily tall and majestic vampire, a psycho porcelain doll, a mutant fish-man and all the other cringe worthy weirdos.

Not many games other than Resident Evil have managed to create the sense of fear and thrill amongst the players. I mean, we did see some masterpieces in the gaming world such as Silent Hill and Alien Isolation that took the whole world by storm as these games truly represented how a horror game should be. Then we have the modern Dead by Daylight title which uses the elements of blood and gore to create that sense of spookiness and thanks to it’s highly diverse monsters inspired from the movies and TV shows it manages to do well in terms of a unique and fun horror game.

People have loved the uncertainty and unpredictability that Village offers, every time you face a foe, you have to formulate a whole new plan and strategize your approach in a different way to counter the enemy. From a slow psychological torture to facing hordes of enemies that require of you all the worlds’ action that you can muster up. The game keeps taunting you with new ways, raising your heart rate and shaking you to your bits, you are never in your comfort zone while playing Village.

Another promising part about this game is the huge variety of weaponry, you might sweat a little at first worrying about how many bullets you are left with, but as you progress your way ahead in the story, you end up with ample supply of ammo and weapons that allows you to have fun blasting heads off your enemies shoulders and giving them hell. You are also provided with a shop run by a character called Duke that lets you upgrade your weapons, sell all the trinkets and buy ammo. I have loved this feature myself because no matter how good of an exploration game it is, it sometimes becomes frustrating having to scavenge all the weapons and ammo out there in the world.

Apart from all these features, the game’s visuals are quite astonishing and the critics are loving almost every detail about the game, Village might be Capcom’s biggest hit in the franchise for sure.

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