iPhone 5C Text messaging:

Text messaging is still very straight forward and apart from the iOS gloss which has been splashed over the top the system is pretty much unchanged on the iPhone 5C. Conversations with your buddies aren’t changed yet. It still appears in bubbles, but if you click to view a stream with one of your contacts, You’ll observe the 3 buttons that did look on peak of the display (Phone, FaceTime and Touch ) are no longer existing. Instead you receive a Details link at the upper right corner that when tapped drops down just a tiny bar with fast links to telephone or FaceTime that individual, see their contact card, or discuss where you are.


You can also mute individual or group conversations with “Do Not Disturb” and check every attachment you’ve sent or received from that contact. It’s a much cleaner implementation and means more of the screen is used for your messages instead of page furniture. You can quickly turn your SMS into a MMS by tapping the camera icon next to the text input bar, allowing you to snap a photo or record a (very short) video then and there or select one you already have in your gallery. But be aware that your free text allowance may not cover MMS messages though, so you may be charged to send them. On the right side of the text input bar you’ll find a microphone icon that allows you to record short audio messages. The messaging app also doubles as a platform for iMessage – Apple’s own free-to-send instant messaging service only as long as you’re within your data allowance or you are connected on to a Wi-Fi with high speed.. Of course for the service to work your friends also need to own an iDevice, be it another iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod. The iPhone 5C flips seamlessly between SMS and iMessage depending on connection and the person you’re speaking to – but it’s great if you’re trying to contact people around the world and don’t want to pay through the roof to do so.

Emails: You can add multiple addresses to the mail application, making it your one stop shop for all your electronic mailing needs and there’s a unified inbox allowing you to see all your new messages in one place without have to dip in and out of various accounts.

Of course you can always select a particular inbox to view if you’re really that popular – or get confused easily – so don’t fear. It’s nice to see a mobile email client playing nicely with HTML emails, displaying them fully so you can get a nice overview of what’s going on and formatting the text slightly so it fits the width of the iPhone 5C screen. Although the default width Apple has set may be a bit on the small for some users out there, and if you zoom in further there’s no text reflow in action, meaning you’ll be scrolling sideways as well as down. You can dive into the main settings menu on the iPhone 5C and increase text size across the board on the phone if it’s an issue, but it’s a bit of a hassle.

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