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Unsurprisingly, videos are handled in the aptly named Video app, where you’ll be able to view all your movies, TV shows and music videos you have stored on the iPhone 5C as well as iCloud. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi or you trust your mobile signal not to deceive you at any cost meanwhile, you can stream any iCloud content directly to the iPhone 5C, but if you’re going on a plan or don’t have a network connection you can always download the media to the handset to ensure fluid playback. With the iPhone 5, Apple stretched the screen to provide an aspect ratio of 16:9 and that 4-inch display is also present on the iPhone 5C making video player a more pleasant experience.

It has been already mentioned that the 5C’s screen isn’t truly HD at 1136 x 640 and held up next to video playback on the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 you can see the 5C falls behind a little. Apple will argue that the 326ppi pixel density means the human eye won’t really be able to discern the difference, but the fact is that when you are thinking of comparing them both, you will find that both of them are having a noticeable difference. However, if you watch any video on the iPhone 5C in isolation, you are unlikely to have any real complainants with a bright screen and smooth playback. Though it could have been really good if the display was just a little bit bigger enough.

The iPhone 5C supports MP4 video files, and that’s pretty much exclusive it. There is work around with third party video players available in the App Store which supports different formats, but loading those videos onto the phone is not overly straightforward so it is highly recommend sticking along with Apple’s rules this time.


However, it is a shame that these restrictions are in place, as many phone these days support a wide range of video formats and Apple has a limiting approach regarding this which may well put off some prospective punters. Although iTunes is rather adept at conversion if you’re that bothered about the same. Well, all in all the video player controls are very simple. You get play/pause, skip, scrub and volume, and that’s it for a nominal watch. If your video supports subtitles then an icon will appear in the bottom right of the video player where you can select your language and toggle them on and off.

There is no doubt that iPhone 5C will be pretty comfortable to hold and if you invest in one of Apple’s official cases the rubberized finished means you’ll be able to prop it up against a mug or seat back without it sliding all over the place. One issue you are most likely to have with the placement of the headphones port which is right on one side of the handset, meaning the rigid plastic connector sticking out of the bottom of the phone does get in the way of your hands somewhat.

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