How does LinkedIn Premium Benefit work for the Professionals?

LinkedIn has made our professional life a lot easier than it was. Most of the professional conversations and collaborations happen through LinkedIn. When we talk about LinkedIn, we always take the free version into account. Are you aware of the premium version that the site offers you? LinkedIn premium benefits are more than you can probably think about.

For basic use, a free version will be good enough, but if you are exploring new opportunities, LinkedIn Premium is a better choice. Let’s explore more about LinkedIn premium benefits, that we hardly talk about.

Premium Account Plans

LinkedIn has customized its plan according to the users. There are different types of plans for different kinds of professionals with different goals. The plans are designed to meet varied yet specific needs.

Premium for General Users

This one starts at $24.95 per month. This is a premium account designed for general users. It has one of the most important LinkedIn premium benefits, that is, InMail. You can see more profiles as you keep searching. It will give you special access to exclusive search filters designed for premium users. It also lets you view extended profiles on the site.

Premium for Recruiters

The premium for recruiters starts from $49.95 per month. It has specially designed search filters used to spot talents. You can save searches, and LinkedIn will send you alerts as and when it finds a new potential candidate matching your criteria. It also has a reference search and other important LinkedIn premium features.

Premium for Job Seekers

If you are looking for a job, go nowhere. LinkedIn Premium costs just $19.95 for those who are out on job hunting. You can look through 100k+ job opportunities with proper salary information. The premium account moves you up on the list as a featured applicant. This makes you more prominent on the job-hunting sphere. You will have access to the job seeker community and other exclusive features.

Premium for Sales Professionals

Just $19.95 per month and so many features for the sales professional in this unique LinkedIn premium plan! The salient features are the introduction to the targeted company, Lead Builder organizer, and more such.

Premium Account features

Now that you know how pocket-friendly the premium versions are let’s talk about some of the LinkedIn Premium benefits a bit more clearly. These apply to most to the premium accounts.


This allows you to contact the professionals you have connected with on LinkedIn. The receiver will get a bit of professional information, so know you better and be more confident about you. A reply is guaranteed, but if you don’t get a reply, you will get a credit. Using the credit, you can connect with someone else.

Premium search filters

Except for job seekers, all other premium accounts have exclusive search filters based on a few factors. You can search for professionals based on their Seniority titles. If you are looking for professionals based on the size of the company, you can do that. The best filter is to sort professionals based on their interests, goals, reference check, and others.

If you have the highest plans for any premium accounts, except job seeker, you can go through many other will include all the premium and talent filters.

Expnaded Profile Views

If a professional is out of your network, you do not get to see the full profile. But if you have a premium account, you can use LinkedIn Premium benefits to get rid of the limited profile views and check the full profile out. You will be able to see a professional’s details even if that person is out of your network.

Check who viewed you profile

You can see who checked your profile when you let others know when you check theirs. However, if you have a premium account, you will be allowed to check who viewed your profile, without giving out your searches. Not just that, it also tells you the keywords they searched to land on your profile.

Get Introduced

If you want to connect with professionals with a second- or third-degree connections, but you don’t have InMail, you can do the same with introductions. If you land upon a professional’s profile, you will see a link to get introduced.

These are a few from a pool of LinkedIn premium benefits to choose from. LinkedIn premium cancel policy is also very user-friendly, and you can easily opt-out if you need to. You can search with ‘How to cancel LinkedIn premium account,’ you will get many tutorials to do so.

The ending question here is a LinkedIn premium worth it? Definitely yes for a professional looking for new opportunities.

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