Mangastream down? 15 Mangastream Alternative to Follow

Manga is a popular comic originating from Japan. Enriched with Japanese art and culture, manga has won the hearts of many across the world. Mangastream used to be the go-to website for the fans to read manga online. But all good things come to an end, so did MangaStream. Even though it was the leading site about manga comics, the website is not available anymore.

What is MangaStream?

It is a platform for Japanese comics lovers. The Manga fans can read their favorite comics here in the manga stream. Comic books are generally quite pricey. It is not always possible to get those. Here comes the savior, Mangastream. It has a diverse collection of the best comic books. Popular manga genres are all available on the site.

It is the most popular free manga reader. It has a huge audience. They all love the website for its diversity in the genre. The search mechanism is a pretty sound. Moreover, they update their website quite often. So, all the popular and new mangas are available in it.

Why is mangastream so special?

It has been so popular for the special features it has. The UI or the user interface is quite smooth. It is easily usable by manga lovers of different age groups. Moreover, the efficient search bar makes the whole manga experience very easy and comfortable. There is hardly any website to compete with mangastream’s bank of manga content. They have remained the pioneer for many years and have constantly helped the manga community to grow.

Why is mangastream down?

We all know by now that it is down. There is no point in hiding it. But the reason behind it is still unknown. Many bloggers have done several speculations regarding why it went down. However, nothing is official yet. One speculation says that the company wishes to promote reading manga content legally. On the other hand, other one says the website owners were charged under piracy protection law. The owner reportedly wants the manga lovers to use legal websites for reading manga online. There are several reasons cited by different sources. We don’t know what is right and what is not. All these can be a mere gossip. We don’t know yet. But we miss the website for sure!

Best mangastream alternative sites

Meanwhile, with the end of it, many are looking for new alternatives. There are many websites to choose from, but hard to guess which one is the best. We have selected a few alternatives to MangaStream. Check them out and select one that suits your taste the best.


MangastreamMangaDex is one of the best Mangastream alternatives. It stands apart from other websites for its different versions of each comic. Versions include the fan-fiction ending, a few official crossover manga series, and different colored. It has a huge community of manga fans. They connect and discuss their favorite manga characters or stories. MangaDex is user-friendly and the interface looks very clean. Though it looks a bit old. But it hardly matters if you have great content in front of you. If you want to read manga comics in any language other than English, MangaDex has a solution for you. MangaDex supports about 20 different languages. Isn’t it amazing?


Manga lovers go crazy about MangaOwl. The website releases WSJ sequence episodes before their official release. The interface looks amazing. It is themed with soothing orange and white. The content here is very well managed making the navigation smooth as a cakewalk. The content bank is huge. Thus, the supply of manga comics will never end. They have compartmentalized the must-read, new releases, most popular, and other sections for easy browsing. MangaOwl is one of the best alternatives to the manga stream.


Where can you get more than 1,00,000 manga assorted for manga lovers? Nowhere, except for KissManga. The website has one of the largest collections of comics. If you are following this website, you will never run out of content. Most of the popular and exclusive manga comics are available here. The high-quality scans will assure you a comfortable read. They update the latest manga as and when the new chapter releases. The website sends you a notification for new arrivals and a manga list of the new chapters. If you are a passionate manga fan and want to discuss what’s happening in the Manga world, the forum will let you do so.


Another alternative to Mangastream is MangaPanda. The interface is pretty similar to that of It. It has a list to search for manga comics in alphabetical order. The advanced search is even a better option for those who are looking for a particular manga. The website has a ‘surprise me’ section that selects one series for you to read. If you don’t know what to read next, this section will be very helpful. What else can you ask for!


Mangastream Alternative
The website is quite new and you might not have heard the name. But, it has pretty exciting things to offer. One of the new mangastream alternatives, TenManga offers more than 50 genres of content to choose from. It has some offbeat genres as well, like Yuri, Yaoi, Seinen, Shoujo Ai, and others. The content-database of this website is quite strong. You can look for a particular manga by its first letter. The search becomes easier with this alphabetical search option. The website looks simple and easy to use. They have a completed section with all the Manga comics that are available till the end.

Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn
Manga Reborn is one of the biggest manga communities. It has been spreading manga comics to the readers worldwide and that too, legally. You will need a registration to access the manga content of the website. The news section will give you all the important unfolding of events in the Manga world. The forum is pretty good for hardcore lovers. If you are one, head towards the forum. Probably you will make some new manga friends. The white and maroon themed website has a decent look. The contents are available in different languages like German and Italian. The website is comparatively new but full of exciting stuff. Check them out!


The website looks a bit ancient but otherwise, MangaEden is a good alternative to Mangastream. Though it does not have the most appealing look, the content availability is pretty decent. The navigation is swift. It supports two languages for reading your favorite manga, Italian and English. They update Dragon Ball Super and One Punch Man very regularly. But sadly, the website does not have resume reading support. It is hard to keep a track of the content that you left reading in the midway.


MangaReader is another website that looks quite like it. It has a classic interface with a bunch of English manga to offer. MangaReader also has a ‘Surprise Me’ button to select a random comic for you. The site is not suitable for mobiles, so if you want to read manga on your phone, you better look for some different sites. But it works fine on tablets and desktop. The comics do not come with thumbnails. This makes the website look a bit bland. However, it has a decent content database, with an advanced search option.


Even though we all love streaming our content, downloading and saving the content still means a lot to many of us. MangaFreak is for those who love to download their content. The website lets you read online as well as download the content. You can save it to read later even when the connection is low. They have excellent quality scans of all the manga comics. The history section will let you resume where you left reading. This is one of the most helpful features that you will need.


Comicwalker is the best website when it comes to newly released content. Manga Lovers wait for the updates from the manga world. Comicwalker updates their site regularly. The website does not have any complaints about security issues. Therefore, we think the website is quite secured. There is a very less chance of virus or malware attack on your computer. This website has a calendar section with a sneak peek of what is coming next.


This is not exactly an alternative to manga stream. Comixology is not a website dedicated to just manga content. However, the website has a dedicated section for manga content. The website is owned by the online retail giant Amazon. If you want to read manga online free, this is not the place. But if you want to read manga content legally, you might give this site a try.


Readmanga is a traditional replica of it. There is an advanced search button that lets you search for particular manga. Put the series name, author’s name, and artist name and you will find your comic easily. It also has Korean Manhwa and Chinese Manhua if you want to check them out as well. Furthermore, they update the latest release section frequently. You will get all the popular manga content in the ‘Hot Manga’ section.


Mangastream is one of the best alternatives to manga stream. The vast collection can come close to the bank that our popular manga website that used to have. The website is simple and easy to use. You can bookmark your favorite manga to read it later. The user interface deserves a mention. It is smooth and hassle-free.


This is again not a dedicated website for manga readers. There is one section, Read Manga, which has a pretty decent bank of manga content. However, you should try the websites which are dedicated to manga comics if you just want that. Toonget is good if you want to mix and match the content while surfing.


Last but not the least, Manganelo is a dependable site to follow. It has a good collection of manga content. Many manga search engines use their collection to provide content. There are about 40 genres available on the site. Hot Manga, the latest manga sections help you to search for the content that you want to read. The website is very simple and easy to use. This comes as one of the most dependable alternatives to manga stream.


1. What went wrong with Mangastream?

The website was illegal. They used to provide manga content without the permission of the owners. This comes under violation of privacy

2. Is Mangastream not working?

Yes, it has gone down. The owner believes that manga lovers should read manga from legal websites.

3. Can you read manga online?

Of course, you can. Though it is not in function, all the above-mentioned sites are. Some are available for free, whereas some come with a subscription fee. You can also look for some apps to read the manga.

4. What are the popular genres of manga?

There are many genres of manga comics. There are regular genres like romance, thriller, adventure, horror. The popular manga genres are shoujo, seinen, josei, and others.

5. Is manga content available on free websites authentic?

No, all the contents are pirated. All the comic books and manga contents available on free websites are not authentic.

6. What are the popular manga comics of recent times?

One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Naruto, One-piece, and Death Note are the popular mangas. They are loved by fans all across the world.

End Note

Many manga lovers have started reading manga from Mangastream. It has an emotional connection to it. The website used to carry translated versions of the manga by the fans. It going down is the end of an era. However, love for manga stays on. Manga community is growing stronger with each passing day.

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