It’s a known fact that literacy has a huge impact on our lives. We will not be able to move forward unless we keep on learning and raising awareness. The authorities of all nations strive for getting their hands on workers that are properly trained. Proper training of the workforce means increased productivity and more adept workers. This is like a dream come true for every nation that wants to keep progressing. So, many governments across the world are making it a priority to redesign the schooling system to fulfill this need. Doing so will enable them to create a more skilled workforce than ever. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is one such scheme. MSUM D2L is a significant element of this entire scheme. Let us check out what it is and the steps to log in.

Life at the MSUM

The MSUM is among the biggest public colleges in the state of Minnesota. It is located in the northwestern part of the state. The land surrounding the college is approx 674 acres. It is a known fact that the university imparts quality education to all its students. Presently, the university has over 7500 pupils, with many being foreigners. Many students enroll here for having a better future. Apart from the Bachelor’s, a lot of students are pursuing Master’s or even Ph.D. from here. The university is famous for enrolling tons of students each year. No wonder why the MSUM is gaining so much popularity with each passing day.

Many buildings in the MSUM campus have buildings suited for those who want to live in separate bedrooms. Besides that, the presence of green spaces is a huge bonus. The students can get closer to nature and enjoy its beauty without the fear of annoying their neighbors. Just so you know, the campus has two “villages” as well – two distinct areas for two distinct activities.

One is the Academic Village. And, the other is the Athletic Village. The first one is for hanging out and having intellectual talks. On the other hand, the second one is for sports activities. Combine them the remote education they impart and you have a model institute. The price of hostels is also very cheap with some of the dorms having maid services. This allows students to live a decent enough life in a calm ambiance without spending too much. Combine all these with the remote learning they offer and you have a model college.

What is MSUM D2L?

We are in a time where innovations are happening now and then. Such innovations are completely redefining many things. The world of education is no different. Nowadays, it is even possible to learn different things like one would in a classroom remotely. That means you can gain access to formal education like a classroom sitting miles away in your room.

Now, how to deal with such learning? Well, that’s where the LMS or the Plank framework comes in. This framework has helped people get distant learning and access to study material.

Desire2Learn or D2L is the plank framework of the Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM). This design helps ensure the enhancement of the courses reaching the concerned distant students. D2L is known for giving the best control possible to everyone in need of guidance.

Why should you use MSUM D2L anyway?

If you are looking for an ideal learning setting, you should opt for MSUM D2L. The framework ensures the freedom of designing education and learning programs. The basic setups of the D2L are mixed learning, flipped study halls, and distant training.

In case you’re a part of the MSUM group and are facing trouble regarding tasks or assessments, don’t worry. The D2L would be there for saving the day. You can avail the below benefits from using the D2L technology:

  • All your study material will be there in one place. So, no jumping around from place to place.
  • There is no bar on how much e-learning material you can get your hands on.
  • Want to check your progress in your particular field? No problem. With D2L at your disposal, you can easily track your progress.
  • The courses you have taken lately can help the data grow for the next ones.

Logging in to the MSUM D2L is nothing fancy. But if you’re facing some trouble logging in, try doing one of the following:

  • Make sure your username is entered properly.
  • Make sure you have entered the secret code right.
  • If nothing else helps, don’t hesitate to take help from customer care.

How to perform the MSUM D2L login

Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) D2L Bright room login

Check if your device supports the MSUM DSL before proceeding with the login. Then, follow this link:

After logging in, you can look for all your classes in the MSUM knowledge management system.

Student login

Click this link if you are a student trying to log in:

It includes data like your email, college books, and D2L. It also includes the summary of your course and registry. Basically, it is a great way of recording the data of every student entering the MSUM to learn.

D2L Brightspace login

Follow this link to access all your classes. That is, after signing into your D2L Brightspace accounts:

MSUM login

Click this link and furnish your sign-in details:

It will help you connect to your profile. It will also help you with your custom eLearning.

Access myMSUM

It is a great way to get access to info and resources for your present distant learning. You can also know about the various agents and employees working in the MSUM. On the other hand, the employees of the MSUM can get info about various bookings, appointments, etc. Just clicking the link would suffice:

MSUM D2L homepage access

This link is crucial for obtaining documents hidden from kids:

This link can be of great help to the students of the university. By following it, the users can get straight to the library. This makes the process more efficient.

Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) Brightspace login

Check if your device supports MSUM D2L before following this link and logging in:

After logging in to your accounts, start your distant classes.

The MSUM portal for the University students

The MSUM portal has been designed keeping in mind the university students. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to opt for this portal after nearly 40-45 days after your admission. Your access will be intact till the end of your course. Once you get access to the D2L, you would be capable of entering the portal anytime you want or need. After getting a confirmation, you will b provided with a unique ID for signing in and a private key. These two will help you sign in to your MSUM account. The mystery student info is used to maintain the various assessments and documents on the site. It also helps students to get access to the library without needing any collaborators.

If you properly use the steps mentioned above, you could easily get into this portal. But for that, you must be a student studying in the MSUM. The portal contains all the info you might be looking for. Be it the info about the current students, teachers, and so on. Besides that, the dashboard also contains enrollment details.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the MSUM D2L UI?

The portal interface is known for being very simple and intuitive. One doesn’t have to be a technoid to use the portal. Only the basic knowledge of the internet would be enough. Everything on the portal is quite straightforward. Nothing is complex. The users only need to sign in and that’s all. Everything will be right before their eyes to avail.

How frequently is MSUM D2L updated?

The best thing about the MSUM portal is its regular updates. All courses on the portal are frequently updated. If something new gets added to your course, you’d be promptly notified. All you got to do then is to search by the new topic’s name. And, everything will be right there on your screen. However, patience is the key here. Because a newly added topic sometimes may take some remarkable time to appear.

Does the MSUM D2L impose any limits on distant learners?

No, it doesn’t. When it comes to eLearning, the portal is famous for giving lots of freedom to the learners. They can avail any course they want. There is zero bar on how many times they can perform a search as well. That means the learners can learn lessons on their own terms.


Now that you know what MSUM D2L is and how to log in to the portal, test your knowledge out. Just follow the steps mentioned here properly and you’d be good to go. All the best!

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