15 Alternative Rainierland Website to Watch Movies for Free

Movie watching experience is not limited to big screens and television. Most of the millennials and young adults watch movies and series online. They watch it on the desktop or mobile. Movie lovers are always looking for great content. You can find all these content by paying loads on subscription fees to different websites. But, shedding so much money on subscription fees can be difficult. Here come the rainierland and websites like such as savior.


Rainierland was a streaming website giving content for free. They used to have television and web series as well as movies in their library. The availability of the best movies on rainierland made the website a big favorite among the movie lovers. However, rainierland is not working anymore. Does that mean an end to the free online streaming of series and films? Of course not. There are some of the rainierland alternatives that you can try to watch online movies or series for free.

Top 10 free streaming websites

There are hundreds of websites running on the internet providing free content. Here is a list of top 15 websites that can come up as best rainierland alternatives.


Popcornflix is one of the most popular free online streaming websites. It is a great alternative to rainierland movies. It has a wide range of genres. You will be able to watch pretty much everything on this site. It has some great short films in their bank. The website is well-organized with a user-friendly interface. The film section comes with a small description that helps you to choose your movies wisely.

123 Movies

The website was known as GoStream, once upon a time. You will get almost all the rainierland free movies on this site. 123 Movies has a huge collection of movies. It has more than 25 million active users. It has a unique yet wonderful user interface. There is a huge variety of movies and series. You will find almost everything that you want to watch. The only drawback of the website its pop-up advertisements.


Another great alternative site to rainierland, FMovies has earned its popularity with content. The huge collection of movies and series will make you fall in love with this website. It has many beautiful features. You can choose content based on the origin of its content. The site boasts content from different countries like Iran, India, Afghanistan, Cuba, Ecuador, Lebanon, and others. You will probably not get these films anywhere else.


Cinebloom is a simple free online streaming website. It has a decent content bank. Many of the hidden gem films are available over here. From animation to the crime thriller, you will get all types of movies over here. The spotlight section is pretty useless. Moreover, the site has a lot of redirected advertisements. Apart from that, the website is a good alternative to rainierland.

Solar MoviesRainierland

Be it a smartphone or a laptop, this highly compatible website can be your companion anywhere, anytime. Solar Movies is one of the best rainierland alternatives that has caught our eyes. The user base is spread all across the world. They update all the new releases quite frequently. There is hardly any chance to miss out on any movies or series. The collection in the series section is huge. You will get tired of watching but never run out of content.


Would not want a free website with no pop-ups or advertisement. Yes, Moviesjoy is one such website. The experience of watching a film or a series will be uninterrupted. It has an amazing collection of movies and series. This website also has a country-based and genre-based filter. There is an android app version of the same website. You can watch movies and series, even on the go, very easily. The collection of documentaries is also on point. In short, we love this website.


The website is a great alternative to rainierland. If you have any doubts, check out the library. It is huge. There is no registration hassle. You don’t even need to download the movies and series that you want to watch. Name a series or a movie, you will find it on this website. There is a section, ‘Top IMDb’, which allows you to look for the top-rated movies and Television Series. Though limited, the site has a country-based catalog for you.


One of the oldest players in the free streaming scene, Putlocker is loved by many movie lovers. Putlocker has gone down for some time in the recent past. But every time it has emerged with a clone site. Moreover, the content is vast. It will get you whatever you want to watch. You can stream in 360P to HD according to your internet speed.

Yes! Movies

It has a crazy content bank. The user interface is quite healthy. Bets part of the website is the thumbnail display. You can easily choose from the movies and series. Talking about the series, Yes! Movies have the best search filter for series. You can search for your favorite series just by category. You will get a country-based search filter as well.


Vumoo does not have a proper search filter and genre division. You will have to type the name of the movie or a series you want. In short, the website is not good for choosing content. If you know what you want, this website can be useful. Vumoo is not a great alternative to rainierland movies. However, for watching any particular content, the experience will be pretty good.

List of the top paid OTT sites

Probably you are tired of jumping from one website to another. We get that. It is particularly a pain if the website shuts itself down while you are watching something. To avoid such unwanted interruptions, you can switch to some paid content streaming platform. It will be all free if you manage to get the user id and password from some existing users.


HBO Go has quality content. But the quantity is not that huge. It has a great collection of docu-series. If you want to watch obscure docu-series and docu-films, head to this platform. You get to watch shows like Downtown Abbey, Crazy Rich Asians along with films like In Bruges. They have the entire Harry Potter collection for your binge re-watching.

Link: https://www.hbo.com/
Pay: $ 15 per month.

Amazon Prime

Prime Video is famous for its contents like Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, Moonlight, Manchester By the Sea. Most of the quality content is available here. It has a huge collection of movies and series. You get to watch a few of the contents if you are an amazon prime member. Watch and shop both with the same subscription.

Pay: $12.99 per month to $99 per year


Do we need to say anything about this much popular streaming platform? Netflix has become so popular that the phrase, ‘Netflix and chill’, is one of the coolest things to say now. It has become a synonym for online streaming. It deserves to get that attention given the best content is on display on the site. You can re-watch the nostalgic shows like That 70s show, Friends, Full House. It also has all the new shows like Money Heist, Sherlock, and others. Moreover, Netflix is promoting its original content. The originals are a pretty good thing to try. We hope to see more such content.

Pay: $7.99 to $13.99 per month.


Hulu is good for those who want to watch a lot of Television-based content. It has a huge library of TV Shows, Films, originals. Hulu is an on-demand video streaming service. The best part of the website is that it allows you early access to many series and content. Is it not amazing? It is quite compatible with Android as well as in iOS. Among the paid ones, it is one of the cheapest streaming platforms.

Pay: $5.99 per month to $11.99 per month

Disney +

We all have a kid residing in our hearts. We all love Disney movies. How about re-watching them? If yes is the immediate response, head to Disney+. It has almost all the animated classics like Little Mermaid. On top of that, it has the new content up and running on their website. Apart from all the Iron Man and Star Wars kind of content, it has some educational content as well. Light-hearted shorts from Pixar are our favorites.

Pay: $6.99 per month and above.


What is rainierland?

Rainierland was a website that provided free movies and series to watch online. Internet streaming has increased in the recent past. While most of the OTT platforms ask for a subscription fee. Rainierland was free and never asked for personal details.

What happened to rainierland?

Back in 2016, someone uploaded a video of a guy uploading movies to an illegal website hosted by himself. He was then tracked down by police personnel. He was booked under the piracy act. But, surprisingly, since then, rainierland has also stopped working. Meanwhile, it came back as rainierland.is. However, it also became inactive soon. Now rainierland is a dead site.

Is rainierland legal?

None of the free sites are legal. Even the rainierland was not. They do not own the copyright of the content that they stream on these websites. So, they stream it illegally. There are strict laws in place to monitor such sites. The host keeps changing the URL of these sites to hide from those monitoring them. These sites keep coming and going.

Is there any risk in using sites like rainierland?

The only worrying part of using rainierland is the redirected ads on such pages. The free streaming websites earn revenue by showing ads on their page. Sometimes, to redirect its viewers to such websites, they keep the advertisement hidden behind the search button or the play button. The problem with these advertisements is that these websites do not perform a background check of such websites.

Some of the ads have malicious content. If some websites ask for details or look deceptive, quit immediately. If you be a little cautious about these redirected websites, it is fine to use websites like rainierland.

What are paid OTT sites?

Paid OTT sites charge a subscription fee for providing the content for their users. Some of them charge yearly while some monthly. The most popular websites are Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime. They all provide the content legally and have hardly any security breaches recorded.


How to remain safe while using OTT platforms?

The most important thing to do is not keeping any personal information on a vulnerable or compromised position. Do not share any of your personal information that may have some malicious content. Avoid redirected advertisements. To remain safer, you can use the paid OTT platforms. They are safe but is a great deal for the pocket.


Movies and series are an integral part of our lives. Probably there is not a single day you don’t watch either a movie or an episode. Binge-watching is our new kind of party. Those who love watching series and movies, find it very difficult to find contents legally. The main reason is that the paid websites have selective content. Even if you manage to have access to all the paid platforms, the content will be skewed as per your geographical location.


The free online streaming sites solves all these issues. They help the binge-watching movie and series lovers a space to breathe freely. So here is a list of 10 free streaming sites as well as the top five paid websites. Check where you fit the most, grab your popcorn, and happy binging.

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