Smart Study Secrets to Improve Your JEE Mains Score

Now that your preparation for JEE Mains exam has commenced and you are fully energized and enthusiastically looking forward to take the exam, knowing smart study tips to score high will make your goals achievable easily.

Smart Practice for JEE Main

Go by the syllabus of JEE and practice everything that comes under JEE. Make priorities and if you feel some of them to practice at later stage mark them and revisit to them later. There are chances that when referring lot of books, you will come across repeated questions. Do not keep on solving every one of them and waste your precious time. Understand the approach to pattern of a question and how to solve it.

Solving Question Banks

Solving question banks will give confidence on your practicing and boost your esteem levels. Chose question banks that are easier to solve in the beginning and once you gain upper hand over the problems go for the medium and them tough question banks. The Mock tests and solving preceding year’s question papers will help to improve the speed and to get a picture of your situation on preparation.


Preparation Plans

Finding a mentor who can motivate you throughout your preparation period perhaps two to three years is extremely prominent. Avoid distractions, chatting with friends or texting with them may end up in losing control over your time management. Play sports of your choice, which will help you to keep fit and recharged. You can join useful forums or Facebook groups which comprises of students who are preparing for JEE Main exam. This will help to know what their preparation plans are and get answers to any unknown problems as well. Do not waste time and start preparations early for JEE Main exam. Some students prefer preparation after class IX and some after class X, it depends upon your own comfort level in subjects.

Study tips

Draw a realistic study timetable and stick to it. Systematic study can go long way in covering the entire JEE Main syllabus. It is no doubt that stretching you by devoting more hours for study is more imperative in the earlier stage of preparations. Attentiveness in the subject that you study is the vital. Focus more on the main chapters and practice some extra questions from these topics. Apart from your school studies and JEE coaching class studies, self-study is extremely essential.

Section wise preparation tips

In-depth analysis of each subject can help you to understand preparation needs better.


The decisive aspect of Physics is to solve as many problems with as many topics.

Instead of memorizing too many formulae, understand the fundamental concepts and derive formulae on the spot.

Breakdown the complex problems into solvable components so that you can deal with them easily.


Unlike Physics and Mathematics, you can score good marks if you put enough efforts. The questions are spread into physical, organic and inorganic chemistry topics.

For organic chemistry mastering the concepts of acidity and basicity of organic compounds is vital.

Most questions are from bonding and hybridization, so complete understanding about these is essential. Periodic table is also important.


Unless vigorous practicing is put into place, you cannot score marks in Mathematics. Since there are varieties of questions can come, keep on solving problems to avoid set back at the JEE Main exam.

Develop speed by calculating in mind and remember the properties of numbers.

Most of the questions are likely to come from Sets and Functions, Trigonometry, Integral Calculus and geometry.

If you understand the concepts of Probability you can score any kind of questions on this easily.

Maintaining your unruffled composure and trusting in yourself can in fact enhance your performance multi-fold. Do not lose dream and fully concentrate on your goal. Do not jump into conclusion that JEE Main exam is impossible to crack.

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