Tips you Need to Know Before Choosing a Mobile Broadband

What use is a cutting-edge laptop if you have a clunky internet connection?

Earlier this week while sipping latte on my favorite café I saw this man (who looks like a business guy) swearing his lungs out because of the café’s slow Wi-Fi connection (which according to him won’t even load his Gmail account). I can’t blame him, even a slight buffering irks me, how much more does waiting for a website to load.

So, I’ve made it my mission to find the best tips on choosing the right mobile broadband – and also for this man’s sake.

Choose a network with modem to go with it.

Each mobile network utilizes different radio frequency, so in order to get the best internet speed performance, you have to get a modem that’s correctly matched to the network. The easiest way is for you to choose which network you want to use and purchase a modem from them.

Understandably, a modem that doesn’t support all the radio frequencies required for the 3G and 4G networks will cause limited reception. You might still get to use internet in selected areas, but in some areas, you won’t get any.

Don’t go for short expiry plans. Not only can it lose signal when you need it, a prepaid connection may not be as reliable as postpaid plans. Even if you’re only using a mobile broadband irregularly throughout the year, postpaid plans can still be a better value for your money rather than using short-expiry vouchers.

If you’re fed up with shelling out money every time you need a connection, then it’s a good investment to have a plan that will be there when you need it most – especially if you’re a frequent traveler or a heavy user.

Ever been charged by a hotel for the ‘privilege’ internet access? Sucks, right?

On-the-go workers benefit best from this set up. And with the inexpensive cost, speed and greater coverage of 3G (and even 4G) mobile networks, there’s little reason for anyone to pay for hotel internet access.

Select your USB modem wisely.

Why? Because there are tons out there. You don’t want to buy a plan with the combination of bad connection and after sales service.

A mobile broadband plan should have no setup fees, so you shouldn’t have to worry about costly installation (it’s a plugin stick, for Pete’s sake!). Soon after signing up, you should receive your wireless USB modem. All you need to do is plug it in, follow a few simple instructions and you can be connected within minutes.

A good mobile broadband plan will allow you to connect to 3G and 4G wireless networks seamlessly. Through the 3G Optus Dual Band mobile network, 4G/3G connection lets you to enjoy wireless broadband access throughout metro and regional areas. Wouldn’t you like a steady connection without the fear of losing signal for no reason?

Broadband sticks and services like iiNet’s prepaid mobile data provides strong and consistent connection without compromising affordability.

And the guy? I lent him mine for a bit. I’ve never seen a more grateful man.

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