Want To Work For Tesla? Elon Musk Turns To Twitter To Recruits Engineers

Elon Musk is probing for a couple of sensible engineers. The Tesla chief operating officer took to Twitter tonight to announce Tesla is ramping up its autonomous vehicle division and desires some new talent. Oh, and he said he’s going to do some of the interviews, so there’s that too.

To apply Musk merely says to email the corporate and include a link to a person’s example work. It’s vital to notice that Musk explicit that the company is probing for software engineers and knowledge with vehicles isn’t needed. After all, vehicles are increasing turning into additional software than hardware.

This division of Tesla is answerable for the company’s supposed Autopilot system, that is the system that turns its Model S sedan into a quasi-autonomous vehicle. Autopilot willn’t take complete management of the car however does enable the vehicle to navigate highway traffic and road hazards unlike Google’s self-driving cars that are completely autonomous.

A Tesla rep told the subsequent the Autopilot’s launch that this may have been due to the lighting conditions at the time; if the car’s AI isn’t 100% assured that it’s safe to change lanes, it simply won’t. Better to have a driver take over than to autosteer into something it somehow missed, right?

Elon Musk says he sees full automation coming within about three years; Autopilot is simply an enormous initiative. however it might be here sooner than that. Tesla is clearly able to increase development.

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