Zooqle and Zooqle Alternatives in 2021

Torrent sites have become the first choice of many people across the world. The mentality that works behind this is, “why to pay for something when you can get it for free?” It is a significant factor responsible for a website’s popularity. Many people don’t want to pay money to access their favorite movies, games, and so on. We mean, have a look outside and tell us how many people actually want to take a Netflix subscription. Now, tell us how many of them want to download their favorite shows from torrent sites. While many legal and paid platforms are making their subscription costs more affordable, it doesn’t seem to work that much. People still prefer to torrent. And, that’s why sites like Zooqle are seeing a constant popularity boost today. Let’s find out more about the site.

What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is a torrent site. And, yes, it is illegal. Any website that makes paid content available to the public for free without the owner’s consent is committing a crime. However, that has not hampered its fame and reputation. The site offers tons of content for the users to download. The users can download their favorite apps, movies, music, and so on. And, that too for free.

Among the biggest causes of its good reputation is the fact that Zooqle only hosts verified torrents. Now, what’s a verified torrent? Well, it’s a torrent that is virus-free and safe to download. That means downloading the torrent won’t make your PC or mobile suffer from a malware attack. The sum total of such verified torrents on the site is over 3.5 million. Also, the site employs over 2200 trackers that constantly help support the site. In short, the Zooqle site is a one stop solution for all your online needs.

Zooqle features

As we said earlier, the Zooqle website has been able to gather an amazing reputation within a short time. Why so? Well, it’s because the website is known for offering some pretty cool features that make it stand out. Here are some of those features:

1. The best feature of the platform has to be the fact that it only hosts verified torrents. It is a feature that has attracted a lot of public attention. Hence, users don’t need to worry about getting their device infected with viruses or malware after downloading a torrent. It contributes to an amazing torrent experience.

2. The site is also known for hosting movies from various parts of the world. Here, you can find both regional as well as foreign movies to download. This feature makes the site an ideal choice for lovers of world cinema. So, one can get all the cinematic masterpieces of the world in one place regardless of their language.

3. Users get very fast speed while downloading torrents from the site. No wonder why it has become the first choice of many torrenters over other slow sites.

4. Another great feature of the website is that it offers subtitle files right with the movies. It helps users to understand movies that are not in a language they know. With the use of subtitles, users can now enjoy all the great movies from across the world. That is even when they fail to understand the language. It helps the world cinema as a whole. Why? Because subtitles encourage people to watch even those movies that they may have avoided.

5. The site also offers magnet links to users for downloading their desired torrents. It allows the users to ditch all the extra hassle and lets them download torrents with a single click.

The Legality of Zooqle

As we said before, sites that distribute any content without prior permission from their owner is doing wrong. So, this site is no different. It lets users watch paid content for free. And, thus make the creators lose the revenue they deserve. So, streaming or downloading content from such sites is unlawful. For your info, governments around the world have declared piracy illegal. So, if you download torrents from such websites, you might invite legal troubles.

How can one use Zooqle to download content?

We have already made it clear that piracy is a serious crime. But, if you still want to take the risk, here’s how you can do so:

First, connect your device to a trusted VPN. While it is possible to use the website directly from your browser, it is not recommended. Why? Because then, the government of your nation would be easily able to track your IP address. So, to prevent that from happening, the use of a VPN is a must. Once connected, go to your preferred browser and search for the site. Launch it and search for your favorite content. That’s pretty much all. It’s that simple.

Zooqle alternatives

While the website is a great torrent site, it is not the sole one. There are many other similar torrent sites out there. Knowing about them will help you in times when this website may be down or unavailable. Here are some of those websites:

The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay

This one needs no intro. The Pirate Bay is one of the most famous and reputed torrent sites. In fact, it is pretty much the holy grail of the torrent world. Almost all torrent sites today want to be like TPB someday. No matter where you are, you can easily access the site and download torrents. And, the best part? It requires no extra hassle like creating an account or logging in. Just navigate to the site and start downloading torrents. It is that simple.

Also, the site lets users contribute their own torrents to the website. These files will then be available to download by other torrenters. There are millions of files there on the site. Nonetheless, one drawback of the platform is that it doesn’t offer metalinks. So, the only way a user can obtain a file is by direct download. Otherwise, the site is good.


Another great torrent website is isoHunt. This site is an amazing option to pick when talking about movie sites. It has an awesome reputation in the streaming world. One thing is for sure in this streaming world. The popularity of a site gets measured by the number of times it has been blocked by the government. As for isoHunt, the site has been blocked or shut down by the GOI numerous times. But somehow it always comes back and keeps on with its working.

As of now, the site is still active. You can visit the site any time and download your favorite content. Also, the site is known for updating its content regularly. So, you are bound to get all the latest movies and shows right after they get released. If you hate waiting for new torrents to appear for download, isoHunt should be your go-to place.


YTS is a popular torrent site that mainly hosts cinema. And, that includes all classics and the latest cinema from across the world. In fact, it is one of the best torrent sites in terms of video quality. YTS has been able to maintain its integrity for a long time and never compromises on quality. Most torrent sites out there like to make movies available to download right after their release. While that is good for those who hate waiting, the quality of those movies is severely compromised. What you will get from such websites are hall prints.

People who like to watch their favorite movies in HD have a problem with that. That’s why YTS is unbeatable in this field. It waits for getting its hands on the HD and Blu-ray prints and doesn’t rush the process. And, the result? Stunning video quality with the lowest possible size. So, if you don’t like 240p or 360p movies and are okay with waiting, YTS should be your paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Zooqle a legal site?

No, it is not. Any website indulging itself in piracy is committing a crime. So, it’s not a legal site and is banned in many countries.

Why are knowing alternatives to Zooqle necessary?

While it’s a great torrent site and contains anything you might need online, knowing its alternatives is vital. There may be times when the site may be down or not accessible. In such cases, the alternatives we gave you here would help you a lot.

Is VPN necessary to access torrent sites?

Yes. If you are not using a VPN while downloading from a torrent site, the government can track you down. That may invite legal consequences. So, yes, use a VPN whenever you access any torrent sites.


As you can see, Zooqle is a great platform for downloading your favorite apps, games, movies, etc. But, it is not legal and downloading torrents from here could put you in legal trouble. So, it’s best to avoid the website.

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