10 Best Free Online Movies Streaming Apps

Who doesn’t love watching movies? Whether we are having a bad day or a boring one, a good film can chase our tiredness away. You can now watch your favorite and latest movies. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a smartphone. After that, you can enjoy free online movies streaming.

There are plenty of movies that you can find on the internet. But most of them will give you the wrong links, fake advertisements, and also a paid subscription.

Before, it was a hard time downloading your favorite movie. Because first, you have to go to movie stores and stream them through different services. This wastes a lot of time and is a total headache, but nowadays, there are many streaming apps out there. Most of the online streaming apps on the internet will deceive you.

These apps try to inject malware into your device. Most of them ask for your permission and information. But that is not necessary for their normal functioning. For example: these fake apps will ask you for your contact permissions. But these are never necessary to stream the movies. So most of the apps out there are false.

The list of free online movie apps will put hundreds of free streaming movies at your fingertips. All you have to do is install them on your smartphone or tablet. After that, you are ready to watch your favorite movie of your own choice.

10 Best Free Online Movies Streaming Apps


Vimeo is one of the best free online movies streaming app. It is a free mobile app that allows you to watch and download your favorite movie for free. There are tons of movies that are free to watch. Their sign up doesn’t need any personal information, so that is a good point about Vimeo.

Their top genres include comedy, wars, action, horror, and more.

Vimeo also allows you to watch movies, short films, and much more. All this with an impressive 360 technology with 40K Ultra HD. But it all depends on your mobile device’s capability.

They also have a stock videos section featuring the videos you can use both for paid and free. Be it for your commercial or personal project. If you want to buy any movie, you can do it on your mobile application.

Vimeo has all the essential features that will ease your navigation. This is because it has many options to find movies. This can be via categories or by the advanced search box. Moreover, you can sort movies by date, views, names, etc.


Another free online movies streaming app that comes in our list is CyberFlix. CyberFlix is one of the most used and free apps for watching online streaming movies. This is because of its excellent and fast standard of streaming movies. Although there are many apps out there for you to use, Cyberflix is the best option among all apps.

The most fantastic thing about this app is that users can install this app on any Android device. This includes Android smartphones, Fire Tv, Firestick, and any other Android device.

CyberFlix gives you a fantastic offer. You can select your favorite movies as their collection receives regular updates. The app adds new movies for viewers to watch every day. This means you won’t have to spend hours to find your favorite movie on the internet.

CyberFlix also offers subtitle options to watch movies you like in various languages. Its highest picture quality is 1080P and 720P HD resolution for all the videos. And best, this app lets users watch their favorite movie without any advertisements. So there won’t be any disturbance even though it is a free app.

3.Moviebox pro

Moviebox pro is a free app for streaming online movies. It’s one of the best free online movies streaming apps. Because users can navigate due to its smooth interface. There are various features of this app that users can enjoy. And that without any problems for login or paid subscriptions.

Moviebox pro is the most trending app in the market because of its outstanding services. This app provides you unlimited Hollywood movies along with the subtitles. Also, the intention behind giving free content is to gain the subscriber base as much as possible. Still, currently, it’s free, and you can have many benefits from this app.

This app is completely ad-free. The movies belong to different genres. These include comedy, horror, action, adventure, ratings, and release year. This app provides you with every single

Hollywood Movie in history. You can also search for your favorite movie from their search bar. You can download your favorite movie and watch them anywhere you want.

4.Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ is another free app that offers you free online movies streaming. This app is easy to use because of its modern and straightforward interface. The player also allows you to choose audio and subtitles. These are available for over 45 languages and even the definition.

If you’re a movie fan, you will appreciate all the services of Freeflix HQ. The app includes movies from action, adventure, and more genres. Moreover, they provide you high definition quality movies available at 720P and 1080P.

Freeflix HQ also has a significant advantage.

You can install this app in a different series of devices. This is because this app can function on any Smart TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. All you have to do is open the app stores. You will find a suitable version of this app for your device. You can also download this app for your SmartPhone in Android or iOS, or any other smart devices. It’s easy and simple. Enter the Freeflix HQ website, and you will get the direct link for downloading it.


SnagFilms allows you to enjoy every movie of your choice using your Android device. The app offers free online movies streaming for users worldwide. SnagFilms has a handful of ways to enjoy its content available through a tablet or phone. But don’t worry if you don’t have these, since you can access the app from any other device.

The signup process is optional but won’t have to sign up for an account to access the content. All you have to do is download the app or visit the site. And you will have immediate access to the content library.

You can also download the content to your device through this app so you can watch anything offline. Other perks include being able to choose the content as an easy reference. You can also stop or restart the content at the same time if you have to change locations or devices.

This app also features many different movies on interesting topics. These include military stories, environment, climate change, and so much more. This app also offers award-winning content and other movie genres. These will make up to your interest. Plus it gives you high definition movies available at 480P and 720P. All this without any advertisements.

6.MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD is another excellent free online movies streaming app. This app has a massive collection of films and provides high-quality videos. The app is only available for Android Smartphones, Firestick, iOS, TV box, etc.

MediaBox HD is the best choice to watch your favorite movies right on your smartphone. You can watch the content of this app from anywhere around the globe. Because of MediaBox HD, smartphones are giving a tough competition to cinemas.

The features of this app are that users can download the videos too. And you can view the videos later you are offline, the videos can stream fast. The app has an excellent interface; for example, the video will open in the same place as you left when watching it.

The video contents are of high quality, e.g., 480P and 720P. MediaBox HD APK supports a lot for players like VLC and MX players. Looking for a free online movies streaming app that offers movies in high quality? If yes, then this app is a must-have.


TyphoonTV is a free, rich, and useful free online movies streaming app because of its features. This makes it a preferable streaming app than other apps. The features of this app are the reason that encourages users from around the globe to download this app.

The pros of this app are that the simplicity and elegance interface provides easy access to the app. And all the streamed contents provide you with a quality like the original.

It also offers you subtitles from various languages. You can enjoy your preferences by getting all the information about the content. These include the ratings, overview, runtime, and so much more.

Moreover, it has a download option that enables you to download your favorite movie for free. You can also watch downloaded content offline. This app also keeps track of the movies which you have already watched.

This app has many movie options for you to watch. It also has a vast category of genres. The app has a share option that allows you to share any movie with your family and friends. This feature makes this app more interesting


BeeTV is another free online movies streaming app full of excellent features. The app has excellent video quality with fast streaming. It has a vast collection of almost all movies. If you want to watch the latest movies, this app does it all. This is because you will get an update once a new movie comes.

This app does not need any registration, and you won’t have to provide any credentials. You can also download the movies from BeeTV from the options in one single click.

The app has well-mannered categorization of movies with genres. Such as fresh releases, action, adventure, trending, fantasy, and so much more.

BeeTV also has a recent tab which will show recently viewed movies. You can also request for any movies if it’s not available on this app. Without any disturbance of advertisements, you can enjoy your favorite movie.

BeeTV is compatible with Android operating devices. Such as Android Smart TV, smartwatch, smartphone, KODI, Firestick, and Windows PC. Looking for a free online movies streaming app that is available in many devices? You should give this app a try.


Showbox is a very popular free online movies streaming app. Thanks to its easy navigation and smooth UI. This app is the most popular online streaming app with many features for users without any cost.

It is the best alternative to subscription-based video streaming services. Such as Netflix, giving you audio-visual content for free. The app features are that you do not have to sign up and there are no annoying advertisements.

Also providing you with subtitles for your favorite movie for a greater experience. You can also watch the videos in a high definition quality. Besides that, you can filter the movies by the genre, year, ratings, and type.

The Showbox HD app also has an extensive library of movies, receiving regular updates. You can download this app on your mobile phone or PC. Plus they also have a great choice of movies. For example, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Animation, and so much more.


Popcornflix is another free online movies streaming app. The app offers a huge collection of movies. This app gives a wall of free movies. The app shows the new arrivals right on the top. Plus it also has exclusive content called Popcornflix Originals.

The movies’ quality is great, and the streaming of this app works in a perfect manner. You don’t need to sign up for this app. But on the phone app, there’s an option to sign up, but you can skip that step. Popcornflix offers you the ability to create a personalized account on their platform.

This app gives you a huge variety of movies and choices. These include romantic comedy, fiction, mystery, action, adventure, and so much more. With no advertisements at all, it makes the movie easy to watch for viewers. And also the videos are of high definition quality.


So this was our list of the best free online movies streaming apps. We mentioned all these apps for their functionality and great features. There are many more apps for you to download. But most of them need signup and costs for watching online streaming movies.

But the ones above are all free.

Although there are many fake apps that promise free and legitimate movie downloads. There are many apps that are legitimate and free. So in case you are unsure about which app to download, this list will guide you best. Check them out and enjoy a great time with incredible collections of creative movies.

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