How to Give a Presentation Using Your Smartphone

The typical smartphone is becoming an indispensable tool for just about everything, and that can include giving professional presentations at work. Knowing how to quickly get a presentation together without any extra equipment can be quite handy for those spur of the moment opportunities you have to share findings or information at work or even at school. Or if you are traveling to some sort of meeting and would rather not lug a laptop around with you.

Now, this isn’t about creating a presentation on your phone, just being able to show it off.

How to Give a Presentation Using Your Smartphone

Get the Apps

Your first step in using your phone for presentations is to be ready with a good app or software tool. PowerPoint is the usual go-to software for making presentations, so we’ll start with that. You’ll need apps like Office Mobile or ThinkFree Office Mobile, both of which have great PowerPoint viewers as part of their larger suite of tools. Once you have your presentation files on your phone, these apps can display them.

An alternative to having an app on your phone is to have a ready-made presentation already done as an online flipbook ( Then you simply have to use the browser on your phone to bring up the document from any website or blog post you have it embedded, and then flip through the pages to present it.

Connect to a Screen

Trying to actually watch a presentation on a tiny phone screen is futile, so you need to get your work visible from your phone to a larger monitor or screen. If your phone has an HDMI jack, then you can easily just hook a larger monitor up (providing you have an HDMI cable handy).

Without HDMI, you’ll have to use whatever output slot your phone does have, and hopefully have the right adapter or cable around that can connect with your monitor or screen.

If you are trying to put your presentation on a large-screen television, you may also be able to have your phone display on the monitor wirelessly by using a Roku Streaming Stick or Miracast adapter. You’ll have to check out what’s available to you before you present, so you can have any necessary apps on your phone in order to use Wi-Fi to connect.

Keep it Professional

One possible catch in using your phone to give your presentation is that you probably use your phone for a lot of other things that might get in the way. Before you begin, make sure you turn off an alarms, calls or notifications that may pop up during your show. It’s not very professional to have a Facebook notification or a chat request interrupt your presentation.

So next time a boss or professor gives you the chance to make a Presentation Using Your Smartphone. Are there times when you may not even that? Explore the use of an online flipbook, which would let you access your digital graphics from anywhere and doesn’t rely on you having files or a device with you.

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