How Can You Manage Common Macbook Performance Issues?

MacBook computers are reliable, but you will eventually encounter Macbook performance issues. And when that happens unexpectedly, you may struggle to figure out how to manage the situation. Not to mention that taking the computer to a service store could mean that you will end up waiting for weeks before they return it.

How Can You Manage Common Macbook Performance Issues?

Knowing how to solve problems yourself would save you time. Therefore, This article will cover the most common issues Mac users may encounter and how to deal with them.

Issue #1 – Lackluster Battery Performance

The problem with a Macbook battery is that you cannot restore it that easily, and finding a replacement may be the only option. However, before you take such measures, think about how you can improve the situation beforehand.

For starters, close background applications and disable visual effects like a backlit keyboard. Tinkering with the Energy Saver settings would help as well. Also, try shutting the computer down instead of putting it to sleep. Finally, unplug the charger after the battery is full.

Issue #2 – Unresponsive Wi-Fi Network

Macbook Performance IssuesIf you have problems with the internet connection, try to get an ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi.

Get in touch with your ISP and ask them whether they can arrange for a change. If they cannot accommodate your needs, you will need to look for sources of interference.

Third-party peripherals like scanners and microwaves are known to cause problems for Wi-Fi, and it becomes even worse if the signal is already weak.

When possible, use the computer away from third-party peripherals if you cannot disable them. And the closer you are to a modem, the better the internet connection should be.

Issue #3 – Spinning Beach Ball

The spinning beach ball is sometimes referred to as the spinning ball of death. While the name may seem like too much, it is clear why some people would call it that.

The ball appears when the Macbook system cannot keep up with the application demands. Starting an app while the previous one still needs time to close is one of the most common causes of a spinning beach ball.

Freeing up computer resources would help. Check the Activity Monitor and figure out which of the running processes you can quit. Also, if possible, add extra RAM. Upgrading the hardware would go a long way in reducing the time that the spinning beach ball is present.

Finally, scan the Macbook to confirm that it is malware-free. Even an insignificant malware or virus could be one of the primary reasons why the Mac struggles and makes that spinning ball appear.

Issue #4 – Flickering Screen

Have you noticed that the Macbook’s screen has started to flicker all of a sudden? If that is the case, you are likely dealing with incompatibility problems between the operating system and the graphics processing unit.

For the most part, Apple should be aware of this issue, and they tend to release a hotfix that solves the problem. However, if the hotfix does not arrive soon, you will need to switch back to the previous operating system version and wait until the developers make the change.

As you can see, among all its advantages like performance improvements and the latest features, some Mac system updates can cause problems as well, so keep that in mind.

Issue #5 – Overheating and Loud Fan Noise

Even if you use the Macbook in a properly ventilated room, the laptop may still overheat or overwork the internal fans, leading them to cause loud noises.

The usual reason behind these two issues is too much dust and dirt inside the computer. It is easy to forget to clean the Mac regularly, but you should still do it despite the task being a bother.

On the off chance that the dust removal does not solve the issue, consider getting a cooling pad. The accessory is relatively cheap, and it can do wonders for the computer’s well-being. An additional source of cool air could be just the thing that your Macbook has been missing all this time, and a cooling pad provides exactly that.

Issue #6 – Slow Internet Browser

A lackluster internet browser performance can be the result of multiple reasons. For example, Some people install too many extensions; others forget to regularly clear the browser cache and have too many tabs open simultaneously.

If taking care of these things does not solve the situation, replacing your current browser is an alternative approach. You have several options, such as Opera, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, and Edge. Test different browsers, and you may find that looking for a replacement was the right approach.

More to it, to ensure a secure connection, you could start using VPN services.

Issue #7 – Memory Leaks

Memory leaks occur when you have too many applications running for too long, and they start to distribute computer memory where the memory should not go.

The solution to the problem is quite simple. You need to get in the habit of restarting the Macbook every few hours to avoid Macbook Performance Issues.

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