Sony 4k UHD TV: Sony’s New Feature is Ready for Launch on this May

Sony 4k UHD TV are lighter than an iPhone 6 will reach your destination this summer. Moreover, this UHD 4k TV comes with outstanding features. You may think many features lead a huge price, but it is affordable to your budget. The company said they are bringing three different models of UHD 4k TVs with good features, and it will surely hit the market this May.

About Sony 4k UHD TV

The Sony 4k UHD TV is 0.2 inches thin at its thinnest point, and it is slimmer than iPhone 6. Nevertheless, television amusements are continuous to get improved more and more. Those who agree with this must be interested in the latest television technology.

This Sony 4k UHD TV is ready to launch this may by the Japanese Electronics giant.

The company will launch three different models in different sizes, such as the X900 C and X901 C models with 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches TV’s, civility of their capacity to present the HDR (High Dynamic Range) content.

These Television’s edges are run to the edges, and possibly this is the first time Sony has provided its Television with a screen that is run all the way to the edges.

These models are bringing Sony’s new X1 processor, which offers a wide range of displays (picture displays with full screen).


This 4K television’s picture quality comes with a stunning resolution of 3840×2160 with advanced brightness and 4k colors. If this is not satisfied, you can access Google Play, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and more from the great thin UHD Television. There is a voice search option also available in the latest Television to access the TV through the commands.

4K televisions are crystal clear and enveloping, and it is carrying almost 3D films into your living room. So while you are watching TV you might be forget that you are watching Television because it makes you to feel like you are just looking outside through the window.

The upper half of the Television is thin and the lower half is thicker. The thickness is to connect the ports of USB and HDMI, but you can still fix the 4k Television can be mounted close to the wall.

Who are all passionate about games? The X900c comes with play station now, Sony’s cascading game service. The service provides the technology to convey play station 3 games without a game comfort.

The price of these 4K TVs is not yet formally announced. Sony possibly will not fix the low rate for this, but sure the features of thinness and others attract the customers.

Maybe you are interested in television technology, and if you are looking for smart Television, this Sony’s UHD 4k Television will be suitable for you.

This summer, we are looking forward to the smart Sony’s UHD 4k Television launch.

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