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Movies are undoubtedly an excellent source of entertainment. However, many people have a particular interest in watching anime online series. Your age will not make any difference in showing interest in anime. A power-packed anime series can entertain all age-groups. But it is a matter of the fact that the animes are more popular among the children. Previously, you had to wait for a long time for an anime to come to your nearest movie theatre. In some countries likes, not all cinema halls were available to show these fun-filled movies. With changing times and technologies, anyone can now watch anime online and at any time.

There are opportunities to watch anime online for free as per your choice. Visit an appropriate website and enjoy the free streaming without any limitation. However, some of the best series need a subscription, either monthly or yearly. So, it is in your hands how and where to watch anime. Your Sundays will be more happening with your kids. Check out this lovely article to get a small list of the best options to watch anime online.

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Stay Tuned And Watch Anime Online

Before you go for streaming of the latest anime online websites, please go through this warning. We recommend you to opt for VPN for Anime to bypass the Government Surveillance, Geo-restriction, and ISP throttling for several add-ons. Moreover, ISP and Government will be able to view whatever content you are streaming. Hence, anime users must be careful while streaming the copyrighted content. Use ExpressVPN as a safeguard for streaming with anime on any of your devices.

An Anime web series consists of multiple animated TV shows, cartoons, and movies. There are various choices among the genres of anime to watch according to individual tastes and preferences. Therefore, it is now easy to keep your kids engaged as you make them watch anime online under your surveillance. Please watch dubbed anime in your preferred language if the original language is incorrigible for you. However, many a time, you can also watch them with English subtitles for better understanding. Just keep checking on the websites for all the latest updates and do not miss any addition. Several online websites like NetFlix, Crunchyroll, etc., offer their unique anime series exclusively running on the respective platform. However, you can watch anime online without any charges on several other free sites. Try the best choices that suit the tastes of both children and adults.

Best Choices To Watch Anime Online

It often becomes difficult to select a good anime to watch with your children among so many choices. Moreover, to watch anime online, you have to search through a lot of websites. In this article, we present the best collection for a free watch in a hassle-free manner. The different genres available in the menu are;-

Kids Entertainment

There are many more choices as you open up a particular website and start streaming. was a popular website to watch anime online. Furthermore, it contained a massive exciting library to make you enjoy every moment. However, it is no a past, and multiple other alternatives have replaced it. For streaming the best anime to watch, you can go through these alternatives.


This is now one of the best and popular web platforms with an abundance of various movies, web-series, and TV shows. Hence, hundreds of users consider this OTT platform to be the best medium to watch anime online at their convenience. Therefore, the developers are giving importance to streaming a bunch of good anime to watch online. However, this is not a free platform, and you have to take a yearly subscription for streaming any anime or other shows. One of the exclusive anime of Netflix is Devilman Crybaby. Moreover, nowadays, the audience can also enjoy Japanese anime over here.


This is a true successor of the KissAnime. With several high-speed servers, you will be able to stream the best anime to watch, including the latest series. Moreover, you can enjoy them in both SD and HD quality pictures. You can download any anime and choose from a vast arena of flavors. It includes magical, samurai, vampire, action, and others.

9AnimeGoing A Little Beyond

Apart from the above two popular web platforms, you can also go for some other cheaper alternatives. It will become enjoyable to watch anime online with a vast sea of options. So, be it sci-fi or a vampire-special series, get a real-time experience with the amazingly developed websites.


The immediate website that millions of users choose to watch anime online is Crunchyroll. There is a free version also sponsored by multiple advertisements featuring in between. One of the most intriguing advantages of it is fast uploads of any anime among many options. So, get ready to stream your favorite anime just after the broadcast. Several cultural aspects, like music, etc., are also visible in the anime form.


In-spite of being the home to a vast library, it smoothly runs on any device. The HD quality of the videos and superb sound gives a breathtaking experience, indeed.


As the name implies, it is also a heaven for anime lovers. Just like the forerunner KissAnime, it allows you to stream the latest episodes for free. Thus, it is one of the best and cost-effective platforms to watch anime online within a short duration after the broadcast.


Viewers nowadays want to avoid any legal issues while streaming their favorite anime content. Several people are investing a considerable amount to watch anime online without any tensions. Funimation aims at understanding their feelings and allows only paid content to stream. Thus, there will not be any copyright issues. Moreover, the contents are affordable for the general public at large. The user interface is quite impressive on this platform. You can enjoy the new episodes almost daily. So, it is a customer-friendly website but available only in a few countries.

FunimationA Few More Options

It is not the end of the list for the platforms to watch anime in both paid and free forms. Some of the other choices include;-

Chia Anime:

Take a look at this eye-catching website to watch any anime very conveniently. Several all-time favorite series like One-Piece, Kokora, Dragon Ball, and others are available for free. To watch anime online, navigate to your best categories and try the latest episodes. However, the pop-up ads can seem to be disturbing. It is available worldwide.

Chia Anime

Anime Planet:

It is an excellent choice among the free platforms to watch anime online. Moreover, it gives them access to the Manga databases also with a bunch of great anime. There are ample opportunities to watch dubbed anime with ease. Are you in confusion about which anime to watch first? This fantastic platform will solve this problem within some minutes.

Anime PlanetJustDubs:

Here is a perfect choice for English Anime lovers. Therefore, to watch anime online only in English, log on to the JustDubs web platform. Very few dubbed websites are there on the internet. However, you can get the best performances and watch multi-lingual pictures only in the English language. All the latest episodes are just one click away. So start exploring more series and be happy.


You can access a lot of anime in both paid and free forms, just like KissAnime. It is available in various smart devices like Androids, iPhones, Playstation XBOX, and others.

AnimeLabAnime Stream Online:

In 2020, this is one of the favorite platforms to watch anime online without a single penny. Furthermore, it has a fantastic user base and allows them to choose from a big basket. You can have a terrific experience while streaming the exciting latest episodes along with a live chat room.


We present some of the most asked questions that may arise in your minds. Be frank to inquire about all your doubts. Here is a small effort to make you watch anime online without any difficulty.

Where can I watch anime online?

There are multiple platforms where you can enjoy watching the best anime series without any restriction. You can refer to the most popular websites in this regard as given in the content above. Some of them offer services for absolutely free, while some others need subscriptions for watching any content. There are multiple categories from which you can choose your favorite one. These options include drama, magic, vampires, supernatural, comedy, adventure, and several others. You can install these apps on your smartphones, tablets, iOS devices, laptops, desktops, and UHD TV. Many of these apps need registration before you access any of the content streaming there. Some popular apps are Netflix, Crunchyroll, AnimeFreak, Anime-Planet, 9Anime, etc.

Is 9anime legal?

9Anime is a famous website to watch anime online, after However, it is unfortunate to mention here that it is not entirely legal. There is a caution quotient for all the anime users regarding the streaming of copied contents. There involves a legal issue in several countries concerning the distribution of web content without the owners’ permission. Hence, 9Anime suffers from such risks of copyright issues. Many fans write the subtitles on their own without taking permission from the original owners. The voice dubbed in English often are not genuine and are added in the series illegally. Therefore, many a time, you may face an interruption of services for some time. It is cliched for the sites that distribute data without any proper rights. However, to overcome this problem, you can clear the cookies and cache files.

Is coming back? was the safest site for watching multiple types of anime series online. Moreover, it is free from viruses. It is the most significant advantage of using this website. However, recently, the copyright holders decided to shut it down forever. The concerned authorities have copied all the content present on the site. Hence, you will not be able to open KissAnime as it is inactive at present. The piracy site with the highest number of audiences worldwide will not open any soon. There is a declaration as you open the website that will not come back and is closed permanently. You can try several other alternatives to watch anime online smoothly.

KissAnimeWhere can I watch free anime 2020?

In 2020, there are ample opportunities to watch the anime on web platforms for absolutely free. However, you have to become a member of the sites to avail various types of anime. Moreover, you can watch the all-time favorite anime at any time from anywhere. Some of the famous web platforms are:

9 Anime

However, not all these websites run in all the countries. Therefore, you have to check the availability of the particular site in your region before watching the anime series.


The list in this article is not an exhaustive one. Therefore, several other sites are also available on the internet that displays interesting web-based anime. Japan is the country of origin for anime. Initially, the Japanese invented this excellent medium of entertainment in their native language. However, it became popular gradually and reached different parts of the planet.

Moreover, many of the anime started getting dubbed in English. As a result, the number of viewers began increasing at a rapid pace. You can take the help of smart software like Wondershare Filmora to dub various contents. It is possible due to the world-class editing tools. There are several things to learn from these fantastic anime series. An anime is always responsible for wearing a smile on your face. They are equally suitable for adults and children. Please choose an anime library with the maximum number of series with fast uploading facilities. The streaming will now be very convenient as you watch anime online. Irrespective of genre, theme, or any other aspects, you can have all the fun. Now float into a new world of comedy, thriller, drama, and action with brilliant performances. Watching anime is now very easy and flexible. Just have any smart device with a smooth internet connection. It is the only need for availing the anime online.

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