The First Lightning-Based Wireless Qi Charger is Here

LXORY isn’t a well-known company in the wireless charging sector, but they’ve achieved to become the first seller to release a new sleek looking dual wireless Qi charger for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, via 9to5Mac.

Qi charger

All other chargers out there uses MicroUSB cable or USB-C Qi Charger. But LXORY’s charging pad officially, the “LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad” gives an effort for Apple’s own exclusive connector. It means that you don’t need to use wired cables if you’re switching your device between wired and wireless mode to charge your iPhone.

Not only in the LXORY charge pad offer first to lightning, has it also gone a step more by giving MicroUSB type charging port cable and USB type-C port Qi Charger. So no worry about what charging cable you would use to set up on your desk, you can just plug in the LXORY charge pad right in and be on your way.

Qi charger

That Wireless Charging Pad itself also can charge up to two Qi-enabled devices at same time, and it features a USB Type-A port cable, too, to plug in another cable for the wired charger.

There are a few problems with LXORY’s wireless charging pad. First off, you’ll need to provide your own wall plug, since one isn’t included in the box. Second, the LXORY pad only supports an output of 5W for each charging pad, so you won’t be able to take advantage of either Apple’s or Samsung’s wireless fast charging features, which need 7.5W and 9W output. Finally, while LXORY wireless charging pad supports Lightning as an input, it isn’t expert as an approved Lightning device through Apple Inc.’s MFi Program, which isn’t regularly a great sign for the quality or usability of a device.

Still, you’re getting a double charging pad that costs $28.60 and it supports any input you’ve got around. If you’re okay with the normal charger and likely problems of lacking Apple’s blessing, it’s a much good deal. Hopefully, other wireless Qi Charger manufacturers are taking note and will follow suit in the future.

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